Water purifier manufacturs need to improve support svices to

  Water purifier manufacturers need to improve support services to alleviate customer worries Author: Tim net water purification Views: 617 Published: 2016-11-1 9:59:46 appliance market slowly move closer to the consumer centers, especially in the Internet era , service and rapid response mechanisms continued refurbished to become the key to improving the user experience. 鍑€姘村櫒鍘傚闇€瀹屽杽閰嶅鏈嶅姟浠ヨВ瀹㈡埛鍚庨【涔嬪咖_鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘 is different from simply cleaning after buying back the traditional home appliance repair, various water purification products, water purification cartridge needs to be replaced regularly to maintain the effectiveness of its water purification, water purifier would otherwise become a "sewage" on hazards our drinking water safe, and the replacement of high-frequency, high replacement costs will make consumers feel very loss, and trouble, thereby blocking the consumer has taken the pace. At present, the net product requires two steps can not change the filter is bypassed, it is essential to establish good fast service system, customer requirements will be able to meet their first time to produce good shopping experience. Like regular cleaning air conditioning consumer culture, the same hood, and gradually develop them to accept the need to frequently change the filter net of two products. And after-sales service directly to consumers, can be learned by contacting customer needs, and can provide some of the "no money" service to win consumers, in order to cultivate a number of loyal customers, a brand reputation communicators. Like SAKURA cherry business philosophy, "regardless of the cost to do service," permanent free to send oil to the customer network, security for our customers every year the water heater is unchanged by decades of extreme services, has accumulated many die-hard fans, and affect and attract many new fans. After the first two years of chaos net market test, consumers return to reason, sales volume growth rate has dropped slightly, but not mean there is no demand, now more to improve the standard of living, high quality of life the pursuit of increasingly large population, but the current and not available to consumers be assured of a market, so the choice is more conservative.

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