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  Technical parameters of the water purifiers Published: at 19:58 on June 16th, 2015 Hits: 19

1 reverse osmosis cartridge filter pore size:


2, reverse osmosis desalination filter rate: 97 desalination rate % -99%


3, the ability of water: water: 7.8L / h fresh water: 60L / h


4, pressure tank (L): 11.3


5, the process cartridge: PP cotton + granular activated carbon + RO + T33 鈫?UF 鈫?water purification


lead principle


1, the water purifier filter KDF55 well except removed heavy metals in water. KDF55 capable of removing 50% of zinc and copper in water. KDF55 principle is the use of electrochemistry to remove the heavy metal lead in water. Chemical equation is as follows: Zn + Pb2 + = Zn2 ++ Pb metallic lead after redox, discharged with the water when the water purifier backwash!.


2, RO filtration through a reverse osmosis type water purifier, can be very effective to remove the remaining lead. RO-type aperture 0.0001 microns, the diameter of lead ions is greater than 0.0001 m, it can be effectively filtered out. Together with zinc is filtered and waste is discharged. A

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