Water purification changing life takes you understand lits u

   Water is the source of life, the human body is 70% composed of water, water quality impacts every aspect of human life. In recent years, with the popularity and increasing health consciousness, peoples health and safety issues of life and drinking water has given unprecedented attention. Water purifiers, has become increasingly popular small household electrical appliances.

   from the coarse filter to an ultrafiltration, the conventional purifier to the whole house water purifiers ...... Today, the market has water purifier according to the different needs of the user with water, with a reasonable scientific achieve family drinking water, kitchen water, washing, bathing and laundry all-round drinking water purification.


   As the water purification industry professional water treatment business background, liters ultrafiltration membrane core technology known worldwide, it launched a full house central water purifier market is to get the praise. For families, the installation of central liters whole house water purifier, equivalent to at home have a small "clean water", the water not only safe and healthy, all to meet the whole house to drink, eat, wash, clean bath water demand. And a unique design into two structures, water purifier with automatic sewage functions, to solve the drawbacks of traditional water purifier easy to fouling secondary pollution, longer filter life, water is more secure. Economically speaking, more affordable; from the actual experience point of view, can bring a more comprehensive safety effect of the quality of water supply to consumers.


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   According to reports, to liter PVC alloy membrane as the core liters of UF water purification can be performed for the whole house water comprehensive purification, central water flows in charge of the kitchen, bathroom, etc., for home water supply, improve the quality of life of clean water. Water quality after filtration, water not only removes dirt bacteria, rust, colloid, impurities, bacteria filtration rate of 99.9999%, more water is retained minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body, water quality and safety and health.


   central water to solve the problem of health and safety whole house water quality. Drinking different terminals, such as faucets, showers, laundry, cleaning the water quality to meet the different needs by the end of the ultrafiltration installation partner. Such as home heavier odor quality, can mate with the end of odor, to enhance the taste of drinking water; if the higher water hardness in the home, can be used with companion terminal RO, reducing water hardness, to obtain a suitable hardness of the water purifier; or water occurs and the line severe fouling household appliances, clothing stiffYellowing problem, it is proposed to install water-terminal end of the bathing water softener to soften, reduce water hardness.

   In liters of UF water purification central core, with the end of the ultrafiltration potential, it constitutes a complete central water purification system.

   has been liter from purification technology, quality of raw materials, production processes and finished product quality assurance system, such as full strict demands on themselves, to make full use of high-tech healthy living services to first-class process technology, a new international industry guidelines standard. And all aspects from design to put into use, the central liter whole house water filter also be done to ensure that every detail of the test implemented. Future, liters will continue to upgrade and transformation in technology and quality products bring consumers a better experience clean water.


   In parallel fine living a healthy life and consumer trends, and now the water purifier has become an indispensable member of the family. Select liter whole house central water purifiers, water quality all-round protection of health and safety, protection of family healthy drinking water!

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