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  Focus on water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, net of the spring water purifier to enhance the performance of agents to join the four strategies, clear spring Spring Festival Dafang County, Bijie store grand opening. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (01.11-01.17- day) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   net of the spring water purifier to enhance the performance of agents to join the four strategies

   at this stage of the water purification industry began to face shuffle stage, a number of small water purifier manufacturers also appeared falter situation, while sales have been a decline in the number of times, even some of the water purifier business failures accelerated. However, hard times may also become an opportunity, as a new water purifier industry, water purifier manufacturers to increase productivity and strengthen its market position. [Click for more]

   Spring Festival Dafang County, Bijie clear spring store grand opening

   Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province under the jurisdiction of the county, located in the northwest Guizhou Province, inhabited by the Han, Yi, Miao, Bai, Gelo and other 23 ethnic groups, rich in mineral resources. There are Bijie airport to fly male has been opened, traffic ranks third in Guizhou, currently under construction, Barry azalea flowers City airport a common, into your high-speed rail station set up in the county, is an important transport hub and material distribution center in northwest Guizhou, known as the Northwest of Guizhou "dry dock." [Click for more]

   water purification agents to join the select nine Anda Kang advantage of

   insist on clean water, adhere to innovation, most complete product line, the largest production capacity, to reach numerous domestic and foreign home appliance giants all-round cooperation in technology, product, strategy, accurate production management ERP system platform:! from spare parts to production and processing, warehouse management accurate and correct, production management and quality control to create fine quality of the whole production. Open the door to the fifth-generation product water industry. [Click for more]

   day along the Mall: Do not tamper with more cleaning and maintenance of household water purifiers ways of looking at my

   With the continuous exposure of drinking water, drinking water health increasingly by consumers attention, more and more families choose to install water purifiers. It installed a water purifier is not to "forget" it? No, the long-term in order to drink healthy water, water purifiers have to pay attention to the maintenance of the installed home water purifier. How to maintain water purifier? Xiao BianFor you to order a six-maintenance method of water purification machines. [Click for more]

   Henan support management agency market at

   Hansi Dun market operations teams

   Hansi Dun Group since its inception in office in June 2015, a month market operations team went down to the market first, there is an urgent need for the market to support the market agents who conduct comprehensive support to help agents in the face of financial difficulties and find a solution, survive and pull through, water purifiers achieve profitability agent the virtuous circle. [Click for more]

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