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in accordance with the "new national standard" provides drinking water detection index added organic pollutants, pesticides, estrogen and other aspects of detection indicators, the basic realization of drinking water standards With international standards. Logically speaking, conventional indicators full coverage standards to ensure the basic safety of drinking water requirements. For the common people, "the new national standard," the most intuitive feeling color should be clear, the water does not smell, but really so what?


Water is easy to understand, and sometimes, especially in the dry season, a faucet, out of the water is yellow, even the toilet tank are filled with the yellow scale. "Residents are water quality problem, the main reasons. On the part of the water."


households water flows from the water source, through the source to water, water, water, water 4 links. Water plant responsible for the production of water, the water reaches the homes of the factory need to go through the pipe network, pumping stations, reservoirs, water tanks and other facilities, resulting in easy reach residents of the home water contamination or deterioration.


Water is easy to understand that many families select healthy drinking water purifier as a family last a firewall, you can only use a water filter to solve the problem of secondary pollution of tap water.


"not only harmful substances in water to be absorbed in the course of human diet, 63% by washing, bathing, etc. are absorbed through the skin. We should not only focus on drinking water, but also concerned with water, whole house water purification should be implemented . "According to Changsha famous" water experts "Tang Xi Dutch analysis, drinking fountains, water purification machines and other appliances can solve the problem of the health of consumers of drinking water, but the problem of purifying water bath, laundry, etc. can not be solved. If we really want all families are healthy water, you may only choose whole house water filter, although the price is high but worth it.


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