Water industry standards- the number of unique a complex abs

   In recent years, with the increasing environmental pollution, increasing demands for safe drinking water, domestic water purifier market into the blowout of the outbreak, the number of enterprises to join the water industry reached more than 3,000, the province engaged in this industry there are more than 200 enterprises. Along with the market trending, competition is increasingly fierce.

   but the product was mixed, uneven quality and other problems still plagued the industry. April 2, 2017, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" revealed broadcast quality water purifier survey, commissioned by Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision quality inspection center for domestic hot household water purifier for the supervision and spot checks. Survey results show that in 60 samples of 45 brands paragraph checks, nearly half of product failure, while a large number of undocumented OEM manufacturer of water purification machines on the market.

   "In fact, Chinas water purification appliance industry is not the lack of standards in the Ministry of Health Regulatory Commission of wading product standards and specifications, related to water purification equipment will be close to 10." WANG Liu, one that , the current standard pertinence, has yet to be perfected. Such as water purification products, service specification standards should be divided by region, as well as water quality conditions of each region are different. If the water purification equipment standards, industry organizations should have the final say, because the industry organizations, mostly industry experts and the industrys best companies, most of them understand the extent of terminal equipment and water purification, and industry organizations are also trusted. A company may lack supervision, two companies may be complicit, more companies together is sincere cooperation, supervise each other. Few if not the healthy development of enterprises, damage the whole industry, all businesses will be affected.

   "Faced with a huge market share, many water purification companies sprung up." Wang sixty-one analysis, the province water purification products market is also more active, nearly a thousand dealers at all levels of the market, distribution agents across the province, but the team messy, small scale, there is a blind market competition, innovation and weaken the advantages of industry self-awareness is not strong and other issues, seriously affecting the interests of the industry sustained and healthy development and consumers.

   "water purification products nationwide lack of uniform standards, competitive uneven level, which requires trade associations to stand up and lead us healthy development." As the king of six well-known domestic water treatment experts say the association of a establishment of mind, industry norms and progress are inseparable from coordination and promotion of trade associations, associations reflect the wishes of market players, government and communication off the main marketSystem, particularly in causing water pollution and to bring safe drinking water to an important moment to deal with the current rapid development of my countrys industries, water purification companies to do the "guidance."

   "Overall, the lack of national standards for the water industry, the industry standard is not high, provided the soil for the survival of low-quality product. I hope the relevant part of the water industry should be strengthened and industry standards, the introduction of mandatory as soon as possible standards, and strengthen supervision. At the same time, upstream parts crucial impact on the overall development of the industry, but also need to focus on supervision. "one from Zhongshan water purification company official said.

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