Open water purifier market in rural towns joined agents need

   With the worsening water pollution, improve peoples living standards, more and more health conscious, water purifiers and water purification tool as consumers are widespread attention, in large cities in recent years widespread and strong marketing promotion in households. Currently rural water purifier market are not taken seriously because for a long time, the market was mostly a blank, face lift operating costs under intense competition in the city, a lot of water purifier manufacturers to put rural development strategy, the rural market has become a net water heaters agents are contested. The face of new markets, water purification agents franchisees how to open the rural market towns to earn money?

   1, control the overall dynamic industry, and tap the rural township market demand

   in rural areas, towns and urban water purifier market needs differ. High levels of urban economy, more people pursue diverse functions, fashionable trend, the relatively high price of high-end water purifier brand; while the consumption level of rural residents in rural areas is relatively low, with much of household water purifiers contacts , on lack of product knowledge, high-end water purifier brand is difficult to open the market. In product categories, people pay more attention to the usefulness of products, with high filtration precision, low prices, the main cost of ultrafiltration water-based products, which pushed the main kitchen water purifier products.

   2, in conjunction with the township water purifier market environment clever marketing brand-name recognition

   In this "wine is also afraid of deep alley era of marketing, want to rely on a single propaganda traditional open market situation is clearly is very tough, water purification agents must divergent thinking, with the market environment, many developing marketing development market. In this regard, companies can create a professional marketing team, develop a sound market operation mentoring programs, and provides in-depth regional sales specialist guidance to assist in water purification agents do a good job promotion, will sell, exhibition, residential floor sweep, street and road shows activities, more efficient water purifier market awareness started the township, and then open sales.

   3, in conjunction with the township water quality in depth to promote their healthy utility functions

   Although Chinese township population, but the population distribution is quite fragmented. If you want to carry out promotional activities in rural water purifier, we must first solve the overall problem of awareness of local people, due to the cultural quality of rural population, the franchisee should make more DVS propaganda, focusing on water pollution in the surrounding villagers understand the extent and importance of healthy drinking water, and the purchase of water purifiernecessity.

   4, in-depth understanding of consumer psychology in rural towns "right"

   In addition, in rural areas to seize the psychological comparisons. Many towns have not urbanization, neighbors are old folks old neighbor, a great influence each role. In terms of electrical life, very often I see my neighbors bought their own can not help but curiosity to learn and a desire to buy, so the water purification agents franchisees in the best time to introduce the product to seize it.

   In short, with increasingly fierce competition in the urban market, rural market prospects began to be more and more attention of water purification agents, not yet ripe rural towns water purifier market implies a huge opportunity , the majority of water purification agents how to open the rural market to make money? Both have a good idea of 鈥嬧€媡he operation of the market, to create a diverse marketing tool, but also down to earth put into practice.

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