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  What factors will affect the life of the filter? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 286 Published: 2018-11-7 14:25:17 customers usually ask how much water is available or filter, the filter is to ask how long service life. How much time or how much water is a popular view, expressing these two methods is unscientific and inaccurate. Expression of scientific method is the amount of water purifier cartridge filter contaminants. Let me share with you the total amount of water purifier filter filtering pollutants are related to what factors? 1. The cleanliness of the raw water can be processed in a filter contaminants 200g, 200g will be evenly distributed as contaminants in the raw water in the water purifier 1 ton. The life of the filter is 1 ton of water; if the distribution of contaminant 200g purified water at 10 tons, this as the raw water. The filter also used to filter, the useful life of the filter is 10 tons of water; 2 size domestic water purifier 1 hour run times, sometimes run 2 hours, sometimes not running, it also takes time to calculate not very reasonable. Once you start using the filter, it plays a tiny filter pollutants function, the ability to handle up to reduce pollutants to the limit, that is, to the life of the filter. Filter life is a process of pollutants, just as with the battery, there is no warranty that said. 3. The function of the filter itself there are several different filter usually water purifier, the role is not the same, so the life of the filter capacity is provided also with its own filtering contaminants concerned.

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