Water purifiers and more trouble for thcof how consum choice

   Now more and more families to install water purifiers, but many people find that using a water purifier subsequent consumption is not small, generally several hundred dollars on a water purifier need regular replacement of the filter market, but also cheap online shopping fear not fly on the water purifier for the core of the problem, many consumers fret.




water purifiers and more trouble for the core of how consumer choice (Photo from Internet)

   "another core water purifiers why so expensive?" public Liu said her family used two or three years just replaced by another water purifier filters, spent 480 yuan. Ms Lau said her familys water purifier filter has been replaced twice, before it will be able to spend 100 yuan for one. This time, explain the business that is before the change of PP and cotton core activated carbon core, this is a change of the reverse osmosis filter, "clean better prices are high."

   In fact, with Liu as high as trapped in the water purifier for the core consumer price of a few. It is understood that, as the heart of the water purifier filter needs to be changed regularly, usually activated carbon filter is 3 to 6 months, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis filter 1 to 2 years. The frequency of change and local water, and frequency of use of water-related effects. At present, a price of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan water purifier, the average annual cost for the core is about more than 300 to 500. For this reason, many people choose online shopping filter. Reporters saw at Taobao, the online filter price gap is too large, there is low as a few dollars, there are up to nearly a thousand dollars. "Online shopping filter afraid to buy poor quality, would not achieve the filtering effect, but there is a problem to find a sale is not easy."

   Reporters interviewed a number of big brand water purifier sales staff, they said, online cartridge price confusion, advised consumers to buy the best filter through the store to buy, not only can enjoy the on-site business services, but also spend money to buy rest assured, if you choose online shopping, the best in online shopping platform officially licensed retailer or brands flagship buy the shop.

   In addition, the water purifier should be strictly in accordance with relevant state regulations, sales of wading products are above the provincial level health permits this document and this document is consistent with the product model, consumers in the purchase by the Ministry of Health or the provincial health department website for the purchase of water purification machine is approved.

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