Water purification agents do just one thing to do

  Many water purification agents franchisee see this topic may be very surprised, to water purification products to sell, how can only do one thing? Water purifier business have to do a lot of work to do one what can it work? In fact, you do not surprised, good order business, really only need to do one thing. 鍋氬噣姘村櫒浠g悊 鍙渶鍋氬ソ涓€浠朵簨

   What things? Thats good service, better maintenance of old users. Good after-sales service, naturally there will be word of mouth, users pour in;? Better maintain existing users, a natural area with ten ten hundred, this is not to promote product sales do not you say only one thing to do [123? ]

   how to do this thing do? Contact the old multi-user is the path to victory. We suggest that the majority proxy franchisee in time to record the purchasers contact details in the sales of water purifiers for future follow up call and after-sales service. Agent and buyers can always keep in touch, or add their QQ micro letter, not only can produce a good reputation, but also bring more people to buy, in fact, ultimately he is the most favorable. When telephone interviews, ask if it has been damaged water purification products, users need to change the core timely reminder asking whether it needs for the core services.

鍋氬噣姘村櫒浠g悊 鍙渶鍋氬ソ涓€浠朵簨 particularly want to emphasize is that the cartridge is a consumable, replace the filter cartridge has a cost and replacement cost, which is the amount of revenue agents franchisee, although less revenue compared to the sales of products, but add up also excellent.

   and old customers more contact method is embodied in particular to do after-sales service, water purification agents franchisees also need to do the details. What are the details of it? Telephone service into consulting services and on-site service. Telephone advisory services, proxy franchisee for consumers must be fair words, better attitude, service to be sincere, careful to explain. When on-site service, to do the four major details: 1 appointment with the customer a good time, at a convenient time customer site installation; 2 work process as far as possible without affecting customer contact outside of work is not necessary with the customer,. and to avoid noise wake the others; 3. the installation is complete, to the scene cleaning up the kitchen a new look; 4 before leaving, you can consult if the user has any comments and good advice, which would allow customers to feel warm .

鍋氬噣姘村櫒浠g悊 鍙渶鍋氬ソ涓€浠朵簨 as long as the Agent of the manufacturers of the brand is reliable, as long as the selected product is of high quality, water purification agents franchisees will be able to do this thing to win. Although the service to achieve the ultimateDifficult, however, want to get the results we should do, nothing is unachievable. Acting franchisee friends, do and do it, for the cause of filling it!

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