Well water is hard water it


   Now the city a lot of people are from the rural areas, in a small time we drink every day, well water, well water is hard water so it? The following is a brief introduction by the small series about it.




Recently, some friends asked small series of well water is hard water it? The answer is yes, well water is a hard water, there are more minerals, drinking taste better, you can add magnesium and other minerals, but also some people say that drinking hard water often in poor health, prone to stones, you must soften hard water it?


hard water salinity is usually expressed as hardness. Hardness in degrees, an equivalent degree of calcium oxide per liter of water containing 10 mg. Hardness of 8 or more are commonly referred to as hard water, brackish groundwater large amount (e.g., well water, spring water), belonging to hard water. In hard water, calcium and magnesium in the form of bicarbonates, carbonates, sulfates, chlorides and nitrates.


hard water, water containing a high concentration of minerals, especially those containing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Hard water harmful to humans, but the industry would cause problems. Industry to avoid mineral deposits in the boiler scale formation, cooling tower or other facility treating water which led to failure, frequent monitoring of water hardness. General daily life, hard water can not make soap and toothpaste foam in the water. Water salinity is usually expressed as hardness. Water hardness refers to the content of salts dissolved in water, i.e., how much calcium and magnesium content. High content of hardness, otherwise small. GPG water hardness units, 1GPG represents one gallon hardness ions (calcium and magnesium ions) in water content of a grain. According to the US WQA (Water Quality Association) standards, water hardness is divided into six by the United States WQA (Water Quality Association) standards, water hardness is divided into six.


is generally hard well water, soft water is rare. Containing no or less soluble calcium, magnesium compounds called soft water (soft water). In everyday life, we often see with the inner wall of the kettle will scale formation after a long time, this is because of our access to water contains a lot of inorganic substances such as calcium, magnesium and so on. These salts can not be visually found in water at room temperature, they are once heated to boil, there are a lot of calcium, magnesium, precipitated in the form of carbonate, which scale is formed close to the wall of the pot.


These are some of the content on the hard Xiaobian to introduce, we should be clear well water is a kind of hard waterNo, if you want a more detailed understanding of the content, then have some more family drinking little knowledge, so that their families drink safe drinking water.




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