Suning acquisition of new retail prove safety Wanda merchand

   After the Spring Festival, many technology companies started distributing profits is that, like Tencent, Alibaba, Lenovo and others have different amounts of red envelopes to distribute to employees to plan a good sign. For the giants, the new year both opportunities and challenges, the new year their big move naturally attracted outside attention. February 12, Suning Tesco announced the new acquisition, officially announced the acquisition of Wanda Department Store Co., Ltd. under all 37 department stores.


   with the personal relationship between Suning Wanda was very good, the two companies in recent years there are a lot of cooperation, the department stores of Suning Wanda value offered to acquire in fact, under the command of the action is not unexpected. Last year, Suning Tesco is taking more and more rapidly on the road to wisdom retail, in order to grab more investment flow line at the Shopping Center are considered the bounds of reason, but Suning Can Wanda department of losses counterattack it? With electricity business competition intensifies in the new retail giant Suning can turn to overtake on this battlefield with Ali Tencent it?

   Suning Wanda high-profile acquisitions to further improve the department settled wisdom retail map pattern

   [123 ] in fact, the outside world to Suning Tescos acquisition of Wanda Wanda department is not very unexpected, after all, there is a lot of cooperation before the two companies. Whether in September 2015, and Wanda Beijing Suning announced strategic cooperation; or the beginning of 2018, Suning company plans to invest 9.5 billion yuan or the equivalent of HK to buy 3.91% stake in Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd; and through this acquisition time point of view, the two companies have such a big move can be considered to lay a solid foundation for cooperation.

   For Suning, the acquisition of Wanda regarded as an important part of its general merchandise retail wisdom. In the six oclock tmt view, traffic acquisition difficult and more expensive with the premise of online and offline, to open a new entrance into a unified flow pace electricity supplier giants. It can be said Su Ning Wanda coveted merchandise flow in the area with a second-tier cities; for Wanda, the early Wanda department as it brings a lot of cash flow, but with the impact of the provisions of the electricity supplier with eight, Wanda department also sustained a loss an indisputable fact, Wanda get rid of such a burden that it will sell Suning Tesco can be considered a good deal.

   Although the department store Suning acquisition of Wanda most obvious is that it allows the line to get traffic entrance, but it is still bigger ambitions is its wisdom RetailEcological layout. According to Suning strategic layout in recent years point of view, with the progress of its action on the wisdom of retail are more and more rapidly, measures to lose ground in this line also brought no small gain for its revenue. According to its earnings report released last year in the first half, Suning Tesco achieved operating income of 110.678 billion yuan, an increase of up to 32.16%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of over 60 billion yuan, an increase of 1959.41% from a year earlier. With the continued advance retail development strategy of intelligence, competitive environment in multiple formats Suning will be further released.

   For operation in Suning line of view, it has Suning electrode was Su Fresh green, suning store, Suning retail cloud like line scenario, department stores as large inlet flow under a line Suning naturally It will be action. At the same time, like Ali, Tencent, Jingdong these giants are under the joint efforts by different online department store business, like Ali and Intime, Tencent and backgammon, with Wal-Mart, etc. Jingdong, Suning investment for the department be expected strategic plan, after all, it did not carry the advantage.

   For Suning, it accumulates the online scene with respect to Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, but still has some inherent advantages, after all, has accumulated a lot of number of stores at once it online, but it is to transform the department store for it is also a new challenge. Suning attack on the wisdom of retail is more comprehensive, it can be upgraded department store transformation succeed?

   Suning big ambitions by expanding the line at the department store giant transformation of the department store traffic but success was not universal

   [ 123] in fact, Suning in China should be regarded as senior retail areas in the early development of the line of stores when it became 3C, leader in the field of home appliances, electricity suppliers to make a transition halfway though not compare with Ali Jingdong, but at least can be considered second-tier echelon in the crowd. Therefore, when a new retail concept is hot, Suning Tesco transformation new battlefield relative to other electricity supplier giant still has more advantages. Already Suning Plaza, Suning Tesco Square, Suning shops, retail cloud Suning, Suning Suning red children and other scenes online, the line can be seen at the scene is still very rich.

   Suning acquisition of Wanda department on the one hand the value of its traffic, on the other hand is to keep his retail ecological wisdom territory better and more integration of online and offline. Although the blueprint very good, but in order to successfully transform the department faces no small challengeIn six oclock tmt Suning also it seems to bypass the two big Hom.

   First, the advantage of department stores gradually weakened, in the larger environment Suning facing a major challenge. Electricity supplier have to say under the impact of the high cost of merchandise inevitable trouble, pay more attention to consumer shopping experience and a sense of convenience, which is why shopping malls and convenience stores become a gathering place for shopping and leisure. Area of 鈥嬧€媡he fixed lease term, the transformation of bottlenecks Mishap difficult transition to make the department store industry, customer loss is serious. In addition, the joint point deduction and pricing leaving the department store industry lost its price advantage. For Suning, now Wanda department is also in poor phase of the operation, how to follow Suning reverse losses is a major problem.

   Second, the case of upgrading the department store temporarily and no apparent success, the transformation on the surface but could easily be born successful business model difficult. While Suning trying to inject new digital revolution is Wanda department stores, but explored on many different levels of regional department store giant, but also Internet-based, but the effect is not obvious. Up to now, the industry department of the increasingly depressed format, have yet to find a better solution. Department store format recession is by no means a short-term phenomenon, although Suning upgrade may be digitized, but this new attempt might be able to short-term concern, how to maintain a steady flow of people follow-up is also a big problem.

   for Suning Tesco, the acquisition of merchandise which can be considered a move will go, this move can bring about a new situation for the time being it is difficult to have a clear answer, but may also know that the short-term Nei Suning Wanda will not reach the department store makeovers success. Currently, the electricity supplier giants have carried on the new retail channels fierce battle battlefield, each platform is still in the stage of growth of the territory, for the Suning how to use it the chess department While it?

   Suning acquisition of Wandas department store among intent makes sense to build the core competitiveness of drainage success

   at the moment people, goods, there is still much room for innovation to explore on the scene, for Suning existing online and offline resources on the new retail explore the value of traffic department of fact, there are some advantages, but it is not just a simple stream of attractive new look, the more important thing is the content. Suning Tesco possible future areas in which to improve the competitiveness of Wanda merchandise it?

   First, in terms of commodity operations, Suning should consider how to make the product more closely integrated with the department. Next to the department storeFight the internal strength, and therefore will be more depth operational goods. Suning in small series according to its online product database to explore how to better combine with department stores, on the type of product with good quality to be put off. In the mobile Internet era, the virtual space and physical space with only a high degree of integration, so that consumers are willing to do to be able to place orders at any time when you can lie to the street, know that a new home can come to the store at the time.

   Second, in terms of user operations, Suning can do to make the department stores to understand the real needs of consumers. Suning Wanda department can use the product data accumulated over the years, consumer data, to make location-based department store to get more potential users. After the basic information on the users understanding, based on the users geographic location, consumer preferences, spending power, capable of data-portrait for each consumer, can help the department get accurate user. Only retain regular customers tap into potential customers in order to maintain our competitive edge in the flow of people.

   Third, in terms of operational shopping centers, businesses make the relationship more closely with department stores. For department stores, the business operations is also critical of a ring, they are responsible for the provision of goods, service, communication aspects are able to play a very important role. Suning future should also give more consideration to the interests of businesses, multi-angle merchants brought benefits. Only through a series of innovative products, changing consumer action line, enhance the efficiency of consumption, so that business operations were to go into voluntary participation, so that consumers and businesses to achieve a multi-point contact.

   The acquisition of Suning Tesco Wanda department stores, from shallow aspects may be a ring of wisdom Suning retail layout it is likely there will be from deep in terms of the future will be more choice with department store brands giants, the department store industry digital upgrade is also a trend. For Suning, the future on how to explore a model of a successful department store is very important to follow what new action we have to wait and see

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