Water purification industry in technologicalnoviois bound to

   as a small water purifier filter device for home use, to filter contaminated water, protect the health of families and office staff. And appliance sales are often only semi-finished products, installation services supporting the market has great potential, which is the traditional home appliances channels are not identical. Therefore, many companies saw the potential presence of water appliances market, involved in water appliances market, for the development of the industry will have a positive and positive impact.




water purification industry is bound to erupt in technological innovation in the twists and turns ahead (Source network)

   enterprise service is still the focus [123 ]

   but we also see that the water appliance industry due to the low technical threshold, which led to a simple machine assembly also on the market water purifier product homogeneity is serious, water appliances industry said, "You could say the market the product also irrational, innovative products emerge. " According to the survey, the current market is still the traditional drinking water appliances in the world, a lot of "new" water purifiers are one-sided emphasis on its health functions, and many small businesses are difficult to ensure product quality, not to mention the after-sales service. Consumer product loyalty depends not only on product features, as well as a large part of the enterprise from sale.

   regulate the market to go long-lasting road network

   In recent years, due to the development of the network, online shopping is becoming a way of life for young people, home network share also fire up. Through a network of wind electricity supplier, the water began to online sales of home appliances, and the effect is obvious, Taobao and other online store, found the online sale of water purifier price difference of up to 2000 times, the lowest price of 15 yuan Taobao this water purifier is similar to the shape of the pipe; the highest price will have 36,000 yuan, these high-priced water purifier usually foreign brands, some water purification businesses rely on online sales a year can get hundreds of thousands of profit. However, while Internet sales will not normative water appliances market also expanded several times, in 2016 there will be more companies work hard on it, how to regulate the Internet market has become the problem of water appliances industry needs to face.

   technological innovation open water purifier market

   At the same time, the water appliances market has a common problem in my countrys small household appliance market, is to focus on an issue in marketing it. In short, regardless of "what is selling, sell the herd." So the various "functional water" have come into being,Small molecules, weakly alkaline, water spectrum, negative, negative potential, a high calcium water dispenser wearing a coat of high-tech, water purification stage, the water purifier according to a display leaflets, a different filter can filter out the different bile the effect of water, all kinds of different water effects, but these water what is the difference, and what a different effect on color pages will list some of the test results and certificate authority, but the actual effect is anyones guess.

   expert analysis, water purification industry, there are many technical aspects can be room for improvement, when the water purifier to fully meet the family comfort, that is the water industry broke out in similar industries when , so the low-end way of drinking water, will be fully replaced by water purifier, a new era is about to break out of the water, but the current in the water purification industry, the brand a lot, whether it is buying the consumer, or do water purifier brand Acting agents, should have a water purifier brand for a correct understanding, not blindly choose, depends on the overall strength of the water purifier manufacturers, the choice is not only half the battle, is still the key to success.

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