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phrase "have to channel the world", which also shows the importance of marketing. Channel, the current flow is to become a fierce battle fighting blood of many companies. Is different from everyday consumer products for the home industry, the demand for its products is not so big, the price is relatively high, so the purchase frequency is relatively low, coupled with its product type generally more homogeneous, so many companies put competition focused on marketing. 姘?.jpg (Photos from the network, intrusion deleted)

   dispersed flow channels, the traditional marketing methods are losing their effectiveness believe many people will have this experience before, as long as your holiday or some special day visit home stores, businesses often will encounter a variety of promotions to push in, the entire store is a sea of 鈥嬧€媝eople, the scene felt extremely hot, and we were both tried in the bombing of the brand to consumers. Rules of survival of domestic industry is "not promote not sell, traffic is king." With the development of the Internet industry, people dependent network is also increasing, many people every day, the Internet bubble, or holding a cell phone does not let go, traditional marketing methods gradually lose peoples attention, magazines and other advertising station slowly lose their effectiveness, costs to pay higher and higher, but more and more traffic into effect was not ideal. Today consumer upgrades, channel sink into the mainstream trends in various industries, various marketing endless.

   Under the new trends in the retail industry, new marketing approach has become a home industry an important breakthrough.

   in the moment of home industry, companies who want to do brand marketing, we must actively meet the development trend of the industry, new retail initiative to embrace, seek fresh gameplay corporate brand marketing. Not only to adjust the companys strategic layout, but also to maintain product innovation, timely replacement product ideas, to change the traditional ways and means of promotion. 1, precise orientation of marketing, improve the consumer experience traditional marketing activities such as holiday promotions, new store, anniversary celebrations and other events, signings and other long ground floor again for a new retail industry conditions, the new retail trends in home businesses need is weakening of traditional oppression marketing, with big data technology-enabled marketing scene, thereby selecting the exact customers, targeted marketing, by improving the consumer experience and socialize the way, get their favor. For example, companies can store in the home, restaurants and other entertainment formats and other financial conducted in many linesTogether, build a technology, fashion, fun experience of store image and attract the attention of consumers, so they are happy to share experiences and even share pictures Daka spread on social platforms, so let consumers virtually brand made a free initiative to spread. And such marketing can gather part of the same circle of users.

   2, a short video, applets and other content from media platforms marketing business in addition to improving the way marketing is more important is to choose more effective marketing channels, currently many Internet marketing platform, diverse marketing channels. For example, based on the pattern of flow micro-channel public number, circle of friends, a small program, a variety of broadcast platforms, buy and other communities. To present more fire vibrato short video marketing, for example, home platform can demonstrate some customers in the form of a short video of decoration case, the sun at home business scene exiled, send some home improvement tips, etc., tend to be more likely to attract consumer-related needs attention. In turn will attract online traffic to offline stores, through follow-up to achieve a new retail phasor combination of online and offline sales philosophy. Although corporate marketing is important, but for the most basic household brands, the most important thing is the quality of the product. Attentive service, and a better user experience, brand marketing tool can be used as icing on the cake, only to products, services, well, plus effective marketing campaigns, businesses can go on for longer.

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