Why R0 reverse osmosis water purifi is so popular

  At present, China water depth processing technology is relatively backward, so most of the water in the health or quality of the above is difficult to guarantee, together with the long-distance transport, municipal pipe network problems such as burst, the water would often turn yellow, white, becomes murky Case. Therefore, in order to improve water quality, we must quickly adopt RO reverse osmosis technology, where its benefits in it? 涓轰粈涔堝噣姘村櫒涓殑R0鍙嶆笚閫忔妧鏈偅涔堝彈娆㈣繋

   1. Safety and environmental protection

   due to industrial pollution and sewage pollution in recent years increased water content in China is very complex, there are reports that Chinese water pass rate of only 50%, but also shows the Chinese city without a realization of unsolicited "drinking water." Tap water in a short time become a major security problem, we can only rely on water purification equipment to purify. Membrane itself is not used in chemical decontamination, permeability but rather by way of physical density and water purification, filtering out the scientific impact of water quality scale, heavy metal ions, and therefore can stay away from chemical residues harmful to the human body, is very safe and environmental protection.

   2. Simple

   According to the survey, most of Chinas major source of water pollution from "secondary pollution." It is divided into three main reasons, first, the municipal pipe network itself aging dissolution of the metal material pollution damage water quality; the second is due to the secondary pressure pool cleaner is not enough, resulting in pressure during the growth of bacteria, etc. pollution; Third purification device aging and replacement is not timely replacement of pollution generated in the process, affect the purification effect.

   terminal water quality is a key step of clean water after using RO reverse osmosis technology to conduct a comprehensive cleanup by installing water purification machines, to achieve still "drinking water" water quality standards, so that each family member can a real "clean water up to people."

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