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   HC Network Beijing water purification time at 21:00 on March 26th, the Chinese Embassy in the United States invited Professor ZHANG Wen-hong online answers to students and overseas Chinese anti- "plague" issue, the whole connection process is full of information; Shanghai Huashan hospital, director of infection ZHANG Wen-hong said, is not recommended we all go to hoard a lot of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, because its efficacy need to wait for the results of further clinical trials; the best medicine is to drink more water, drink milk, eat more eggs, more sleep, do not go out "Xiahun."

   water in the body play a variety of important physiological functions, is the main component of human tissues and organs involved in the bodys metabolism, promote digestion of nutrients in the body, absorption, circulation and excretion, involved in humoral normal osmotic pressure and maintain electrolyte balance, body temperature regulation, the joints, organs and tissues has played a certain role in lubrication, cushioning and protection. During the vaccination

  , drink plenty of water, drink well water, science drinking water, safe drinking water, more important; people in the micro-thirsty already in a dehydrated state, need to take the initiative to pay daily, national health health committee issued a "novel coronavirus infection prevention and control of pneumonia nutritional and dietary guidance ", it is recommended to drink 1500-2000 ml per day; the body is in a dehydrated state, can cause oral, nasal mucosal dryness, decreased tear, eyes, noses and mouth to reduce defense sites mucosa, therefore, drink water helps to promote the secretion of the bodys own eyes, noses and mouth parts of the mucosal tissue fluid, to improve their immunity.

   60% -70% water by weight of the body, constituting the body tissue, body temperature regulation, body of the system to promote the metabolism, a variety of auxiliary substances absorbed, and excreted in transport plays an important role.

   In the United States, MD Batman "Water is the best medicine," a book a number of studies have documented proof, healthy drinking water can relieve a variety of diseases, hypertension, diabetes, allergies, asthma, cancer, he had water cure More than 3,000 patients.

   drink plenty of water can promote the bodys metabolism and absorption of nutrients, usually take the initiative to develop the habit of drinking water, do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink water, and to follow the "small number" principle: each with 100-150 milliliters Yi, the time interval of about half an hour; more sips of water to quench their thirst, help the body absorb.


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