Water purifier and watdispenswill replace the diffencbetwhou

   In most peoples concept, drinking water purifier with no difference, but the difference between the two, in essence, is still very large, water dispenser is a machine filled with purified water, mineral water or other drinks for your drink machines. There are many types of dispenser, such as a nozzle type dispenser, push-type dispenser and the like. Drinking fountains will provide two different water temperature gives the drink, the machine itself has cooling and cooling, or heating and insulation functions, our common is the use of bottled water dispenser, this dispenser, you can not use tap water, and you need bottled water companies from buying bottled water, household water purifiers is different, it is possible to direct water pipe to filter out impurities in the water by various processes and at all levels of the filter, leaving only beneficial to human health water, water purifier filter accuracy is generally from 0 途 1-1 microns, we know the size of bacteria is generally more than 0 途 2 microns, which are filtered, while retaining the beneficial minerals. Low power consumption will not waste water, and water treatment soon.

   can not produce their own drinking water, the outside world only by way of, for example, bottled water, bottled water is not very easy to use, not the water, the need for barrels, but the general female friends have moved do not move the barrels, so inconvenient to replace the bucket, and bottled water is subject to expiration of the first day, sterile, but the third day inside bacteria than ordinary tap water is still several times, this quite a heavier pollution, we would choose when the dispenser is to be able to healthy drinking water, but this only can not achieve a healthy drinking water standards, but will also increase the pollution of drinking water, it really is not worth the candle, and bottled water the water quality is good or bad quality and the quality of this barrel is not guaranteed, every year there are a lot of bottled water news broke about "black barrel", "bottled water is actually tap the like of news." These make a public consumer fear.

   is different from the home water purifier, a purifier for purifying water to itself by a variety of processes, filtration levels, such as home water purifier container, as early as 2005 with the Japanese Toray, Dow launched a technical exchanges and cooperation, full effort in the core components of water purifier, filter, RO membrane above, and even refinement to the study of the diaphragm. Different container structures home water purification products are not the same, standard reverse osmosis water purification device 5 is filtered, mainly PP cotton, granular activated carbon pre, pre-compressionCarbon, the RO reverse osmosis membrane, the activated carbon and the like; water purifier ultrafiltration membrane is based, the other filter such as activated carbon (not including an energy filter) supplemented; energy water purifier, a separate filter structure of the composition or add a complex ore fossils, living fossils, stone small molecules, alkaline ball, magnetic fossils in favor of the bodys absorption of water purification components, protect water purifier has something for every consumer groups. With the improvement of living standards, the popularity of water purifier will become an increasingly widespread, new technology products is to better meet peoples needs. And water purifiers generated out of the water, not only can filter out impurities in the water to ensure the water is free of impurities sterile, but the water is also rich in various minerals and trace elements needed by our body, long-term consumption mention can increase our resistance, calcium supplement, brought us a healthy physique.

   the difference between water purifier and water dispenser on the nature of the popular point that water purifier owned water purification function, can ensure long-term quality of health, easy to use. Drinking fountains low prices, not equipped with its own water purification and water purification functions built, but also on the water quality of secondary pollution, very inconvenient to use, we need to rely on third parties (bottled water). With the growing concern of environmental protection and quality of life, I believe that more and more families will choose a water purifier to replace the traditional drinking fountains.

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