Open electricity supplier O2O breakthrough into the future d

   water purifier is semi-finished products, also need to follow to install and replace the filter after consumers buy a home, I want to once and for all is impossible. Because of this, the electricity supplier of the road water purifier rather convoluted to go until the O2O mode, the water purification industry finally saw a ray of hope. Currently, the water purification industry is actively exploring the best way to play O2O mode, or to open a new breakthrough for the development of electronic business water purification device.




open electricity supplier O2O breakthrough into the future development trend of water purifier (picture from the network)

   by the water purifier sales model O2O enterprises respected [ 123]

   currently the most cost-effective mode is online and offline stores shop collaborative interaction, form communities of interest. Part of the water purifier company also plans to rely on to achieve effective integration of product flow, logistics and customer flow of e-commerce platform, to explore a "online sales, offline experience," the cross-border restructuring of the road. Due to O2O more focus on pre and after-sales service experience, can be said to be an upgraded version of B2C, more in line with consumer demand, with the changing times, peoples consumption concept of change, the younger generation to master the power to buy water purifier products, O2O mode of e-commerce will become a water purifier future trend of development, its enormous potential will effectively play.

   "the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer interaction is booming online and offline," This is the view put forward when the Prime Minister made the "Government Work Report" in 2015 two sessions. It goes without saying that this "new consumer interactive online and offline," the moment is the water purification industry hot "O2O".

   get rid of the drawbacks of online shopping open water purifiers electricity supplier breakthrough

   water purifier it like clothes, shoes and other daily necessities, like, a buy back will be able to use, even online shopping has encountered a problem , you can also easily be returned. Once the consumer online shopping purifier problems, after-sales and logistics are great difficulties, which holds many lessons is that many consumers do not choose the direct cause of online shopping. Therefore, water purification companies should find ways to reduce the uncertainty of online shopping purifier that appears, set up the line museum and is a very good way.

   Of course, in addition to the establishment of the next line museum and water purifier companies need a lot of after-sales network layout, easy first time for the network to provide after-sales installation and maintenance services shoppers. Big waves struck, the general trendThe trend, the water purifier business O2O bad way to go, but not not go. There before Lin Wood, after the natural water purifiers, they are in constant view of the direction of development with innovative thinking, looking for water purifiers electricity supplier breakthrough.

   Now, take the road of joint development of online and offline development has become the consensus of the industry, O2O model also has deservedly become the future development trend of water purifiers electricity supplier.

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