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   Ma said: Three years after the cancer will haunt China every family, most worried about is making enough money for medical expenses. We believe that ten years after Chinas three major cancer will haunt every family, liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer.

   liver cancer, probably because a lot of water;

   lung cancer, because our air;

   stomach, because our food.


   use a water filter to protect the health of drinking water become a trend: More and more new types of water pollution caused by the onset, in the field of family health, especially in the home drinking water problem, many people have realized severity. Today, consumers health drink a glass of water "drinking water standards have become a fashion trend, thus becoming a household water purifiers to protect drinking water health, improve the quality of life standard appliances, the future will be more and more widely popular water purifier , water purifier market is the prospect of unlimited!


   but varied array of water purification products on the market, consumers do not know which is good, investors will simply not know which trusted. Here, the well-known brand water purifier - M remind you, be sure to choose a brand of qualified, brand characteristics, technical innovation, service and improve water purifier manufacturers.


   - M - M escort for the public drinking water health is a high-end business, engineering, household water purification equipment development, design, production, sales and service of high-tech, diversified , Hong Kong-owned large-scale integrated environmental protection enterprises, the spirit of "contributing to society, the benefit of mankind" business purpose, focus on clean water for 18 years, active research and development, innovation, to provide high-quality health for the global consumer water purification solutions.


   1 - M: focus on quality, creating brand new heights


   - M always adhere to the "science and technology leading to quality survival, reputation and development "principle, the 18-year focus on innovative water purification technology, advanced membrane technology and reverse osmosis water purification research and development capabilities, accumulated over 200 patents; cooperation with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University also set up an independent water environment technology laboratory, technical strength, production scale, product quality is the industry leader.


   combined with water quality and water purification needs of the Chinese family, Hua Kang innovation developed a kitchen drinking water purification systems, kitchen drinking ultrafiltration purification system, allCentral house purification system, commercial purification systems, water purification systems, pre-purification solution, and every product before the library is a rigorous process checks, make sure to provide consumers with the perfect quality.

   a good product is only known to more people, to be able to be better accepted by the people loved.

   - M great importance to create a good brand image, signed in 2016 as a music star Timi - M brand ambassador, while funds spent each year to enjoy the high product branding, promotion and marketing. - M gradually into millions of households, the brand enjoys popular support, the majority of consumers brought new life of healthy drinking water.


   2 - M: Things intelligent, and offers a wonderful life experience

   intelligent information age, with consumers moving from the past to the "functional requirements" mainly to new consumer demands change, that is, from the pursuit of "cost-effective, functional, durable" to "function + services" model, which requires a more intimate, personalized service and convenience and flexible experience.

   more "to save money, save time, effort, worry" for the vast number of consumers use a water filter, - M brand pioneered innovation developed a water purifier intelligent things, and the first "shared system + things purifier + SNS "mode, to bring about change things together water industry.


   form a "factory Distribution - franchisees drop-off - free consumers - consumers to share - manufacturers franchisee surplus" new ecosystem pattern that allows franchisees to sweep the country around the city and rural markets, monthly sales of more than 300 units, an annual income of more than 1 million!

   share in the economic mode - M, consumers do not spend a penny, intelligent water purifier can take home! compared to conventional water purifier Hua Kang water purifier smart things smarter! consumer smartphone, the arbitrary near / remote human-computer interaction, realized the people, water purifier, the quality of life of comprehensive real-time connection, so that we enjoy intelligent music water life experience.


   3 - M: perfect service, and create a high-grade service environment

   "the customer is God," consumers interests always come first, and only brand to provide consumers with good products and services to fully protect the interests of consumers, to make the value of the brand can survive.

   - M 27 distributed in the countryMore than 00 service shop, took the lead in the water industry to create a 7 * 24-hour service system, professional service team, franchisees and consumers to meet the full sales service needs.


   When the user use a water filter and found that there is a problem, the after-sales staff to free home water purifier for users to solve the drinking water problem, "so that all users drink healthy water, pleasant bring clean water to enjoy the quality of life "is the pursuit Hua Kang water purifier to remain

   - M to illuminate the road ahead of you to

   huge water purifier market prospects, but business opportunities fleeting,

   who can enter the market earlier, the first step will be able to occupy opportunities.


   in the future, China is willing to work every Kang water purification industry have dedicated partners to jointly develop new markets, win new water purification wealth, common for the people provide higher quality water purification products and more perfect the service, make people healthy water fun in life!

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