with the word how to do, tried so many ways on the glass will not work, I do not know what measures can be removed, teach you how to remove the words on the glass.




cup glass is the safest of all materials, glass so the child is very popular, but small series 2020-06-05 encountered a problem with the glasses do not know how the word remove, Xiao Bian tried many methods do not work, 2020-06-05 to teach you remove the words on the glass, be sure to keep them well oh.


the word on how to remove the glasses please try the following methods;?.


1 if it is already done in a variety of paints writing, available bamboo, the bamboo front end flattened, this was then used to scratch, it will not hurt the surface of the glass, because glass surfaces are smooth, so that blowing would not be too laborious.


2. If the like stickers affixed handwriting, wetting You can use it to pure alcohol, wetting stickers for multiple portions, then scraped with a distal flattened bamboo.


3. In addition to high-temperature sintering or matte writing, by the above general method may be removed clean.


Tips: After using the above method and, finally, washed again, the only way to wash the glass with a very clean method of cleaning the glass.


The above content provided, the desire to help everyone. In this small series hope that we can be healthy and drink plenty of water, if you do not know what the safest drinking cup, please pay attention to our next issue of family drinking little knowledge, we will answer them in the knowledge to do, so stay tuned. Very happy to serve you.




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