Where is home marketing 5 livnext step toward reality-

   another "outlet" in the home industry has been brought up, and that is live with the goods. If the short video marketing can accommodate vendor "standing on the sidelines," then live below the epidemic with a cargo of most enterprises is "the spot" - had to do, even if most are still feeling the stones across the river.



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   Today well talk live with the goods, is step by step in the return to work and daily life order of gradual recovery under the background. The kind of unrest a month ago may be difficult to reproduce in the home industry, but this does not hinder the marketing value live in long-term trends. This value can be divided into several areas:

   For the consumer, the scene is vivid and intuitive interaction;

   to store the line, it is a low-cost active "line of "

   for manufacturers, it is to create new marketing opportunities for matrix and efficient organization

   is the research population, a total of more than 32 percent said open from 2020 to the present, to participate more than four games a variety of live marketing.


   but how live is placed in front of the whole industry a new problem: it is different from the next line will bargain or centralized blasting, consumers tend to be more involved in live rational and lack of patience, household consumption of large, low-frequency and high-priced sellers directly via live is difficult.

   so often live among deposit or sell vouchers - those who often traded tens of thousands of single, hundreds of thousands of single results, it understandable.

   through a period of observation we found that sellers live some very interesting phenomenon, we will focus on the following several aspects:

   evaluation of the current live Marketing Why appears polarized?

   two representative marketing play live, how to choose?

   how to further tap the live value for distributors and manufacturers?

   as well as future stores next, live marketing and line of what will change?

   First, the marketing of five live reality

   In the case of the store can not open for business, live indeed become a home industry breakthrough weapon. In this way Beauty, FMCG and other industries have beenWas widespread, large-scale home industry is still trying to start from the Spring Festival.

   However, the special attributes of the industry so that compromised the effectiveness live at home industry.

   The special properties in addition to said at the beginning of the large, low-frequency, high-priced, more importantly, dealers in home industry is difficult substituted position - snacks, mask manufacturers can bypass the dealer direct purchase, the furniture industry, and if so long, is the first vendor collapse it?

   In addition, some time down the live also exposed some deep-seated problems, that is, live with a cargo of five reality:

   01 consumption build-off, the new traffic acquisition remains difficult [123. ]

   after the outbreak, the difficulties faced by the store is not routine blasting area, or cross-industry marketing push. The efficient conversion in terms of build-off dealers before the holiday, live on this point reflects the ultra-high efficiency.

   Moreover, the first act of the head company in the transformation of their own traffic, while also passing "harvest" more just need to stock, newcomers as well as the survival of small and medium brands have been squeezed again, and may even be eliminated.

   However, after this round of live bombing, new sources of traffic is still a problem. There are many companies do not see sufficient water to prepare success stories behind holding such an illusion:

   customers are online, as long as there will be live on pay customers. In fact, the public domain traffic to intense competition line a hundred times, will be analyzed in detail below.

   02. Drainage sell more goods, more losses

   In many enterprises will live resorted to "a loss clearance price", hoping to guide the user to do more transactions.

   but live under this form online, it is difficult by setting the consumption threshold - such as consumer to obtain ultra-cheap to buy over 5,000 qualified, full reduction or gift products to bind user. Also, drainage sell more goods, more losses.

   03. Compared with traditional marketing methods, cost is not low

   For most companies, there is no superior organizational skills and marketing experience, very difficult to live a successful achievement marketing. The team is looking for a third party is not cheap.

   From the current understanding of the term, some live success stories of the planning and execution team starting price at around 12 million, notEach comprising a single transaction is evacuated. Some skirmish-style marketing team asking price as low as a few thousand or a million, but the effect is difficult to guarantee.

   04. Coordination of auto low and may even harm the interests of dealers

   At present, most manufacturers live sellers are initiated, but the effect depends on the manufacturer and distributor of live nature coordination among providers - benefit distribution mechanism is sound, and the ability to mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers.

   but the reality is that many dealers have not converted over thinking, I do not know how to participate, activities, achieving the desired effects.

   or that will force dealers to participate when vendors occupy more advantage of the power sharing costs of the dealers has brought new pressures.

   In another case, the manufacturers "do" direct sellers, squeezing dealer living space, or the price is too low at the expense of the interests store lines, etc., these are the problems to be solved.

   In the survey, about 58 percent of manufacturers said they live tissue "very effective", about 20% said "the effect is very general, not many orders", 12% said "no effect", these people generally think that affected the dealers business, or the price is too low, the dealer, "not any money."


   05. experience a sense of difference, lower the brand image

   At present, most of the live sellers is considered "a replica of TV shopping," full of selling bargain hustle and bustle, few well-designed process experience, it is difficult to focus to real product and brand value, poor user experience.

   for the brand, for this form of long-established brand brought great damage.

   in the "How to live impression of home marketing industry?" Survey, as high as 42% of users said "lower than expected", there is no desire to watch.


   Second, the two representative live marketing play

   Although the lack of reality have more, live marketing is still worthy of manufacturers and distributors of investment and long-term cultivation the key lies in proper expectations, methods, and effective organization. As one anonymous industry source said: Live is a tool for the surface, deeper look is the system.

   From the traffic source, the current live Marketing fall into two main categories:

   One is to dig the potential traffic from the public domain, one is tap the potential of the private domain traffic. Only to distinguish between the two, in order to establish reasonable expectations and goals, and then find the corresponding method. .

   01 male domain traffic mining, essentially a media platform for the realization of

   a reality we must first see is: a small number of outstanding enterprises (such as a typical representative still product delivery) and in a short video live battlefield honors not "inadvertently planted willow," but to create sustainable investment and professional team.

   For example, "A designer cool", "decoration-yourself" home improvement and other new media have become the network head red KOL, but their essence is not the mode of "sellers", but "selling traffic" - the intention of customers as a single transaction sold to dealers, there are some home improvement platform the same mode of operation.

   Therefore, if the home business hopes to build its own network through red KOL to bring their own goods, competitors on this track is both a professional and powerful.

   Of course, companies can still actively settled the major broadcast platform as the output channel brand influence, but due to lower expectations, rather than expecting "a hit."

   In addition companies may also find red live with a cargo net Taobao, deft and other platforms, such as Cheers worked to push function sofa with Li Jiaqi, Sofia Silvia cooperation with the push BOX cloakroom and so on.

   but in the long term, this model is more suitable for the introduction of brand marketing actions or products of the explosion models open market, it is difficult to form long-term viscosity, flow and profit for the company contribution is not high, but the cost is not low .

   For example, live with a cargo fee in addition to Silvia snapshot Taobao platform (generally 5%), and Silvia had pumped into the team, as well as pre-election materials and margin costs.

   and Silvia had also said publicly that his team have carefully selected products at the four points - good quality and low price, high demand, light aftermarket. These points of view, category home with a cargo of live red mesh can rarely be sustained.

   In its research, the question "joint Silvia furniture brand, Li Jiaqi and other live red Taobao sellers, is your opinion?" There are up to 40% of people think, difficult to translate, nearly 30 % of people think that is a good attempt.


   There are some concrete ideas beyond conventional options, such as:

   to see the value of the product color, timber materials, workmanship and price details [123 ]

   too expensive, nationwide operation difficult

   departments too difficult coordination, rapid response

   depends on the success of efforts to build off the brand to be very strong

   02. private domain traffic excavating tool as a basis for long-term operation of the

   the public domain traffic is not suitable for the vast majority of enterprises, serious work their private domain traffic is a more pragmatic approach. How hard?

   From this perspective, the broadcast will be a handy tool. It can break the geographical segment to a greater extent, but did live interactive.

   The most direct way is to live into a "sea of 鈥嬧€媝eoples war."

   Every store should have one or more "plain people anchor" that can be shopping guide can also be a dealer boss himself, but with online stores.

   this store can be unified headquarters building, it can be dealer-based platform developed micro Like other micro shop.

   In addition, the live build-off function of the micro-channel business, including the "customer base", "Customer circle of friends" feature is very beneficial to the end customer marketing management. Tencent live (Watch Live) can be launched to remind subscribers, and can be associated with commodities, which are worth exploring, applications.

   Based on the popularity of live stores, including the introduction of new products, visit the inter-cell model, designer of joint marketing, and even a return visit to old customers, and so on, can be a good material.

   Live will not only improve the efficiency of the store, the more physical stores "on-line" of pushing forward a step, to reduce conflicts in the online and offline.

   In addition, I also emphasized personal live a beginning, whether vibrato, deft or Taobao platform, based on the "geographic mismatch" functions are increasingly sophisticated, open the live page will find a "city live "or" near live "function, which for physical stores is also a positive factor.

   Finally, note that the public and private domains domain traffic traffic into opposition not necessarilyBoth can be transformed into each other.

   For example, in some large-scale events, may lead to traffic Taobao / vibrato platforms live large flow cell, the flow from the large pool can be introduced into the respective private domains flowcell. This mutual transformation may also become a trend.

   Third, the value of live marketing, just beginning to show

   at the time of the birth of any one thing is rough and even flawed, is also accompanied by a live controversy and praise. In the domestic industry, its value and impact may be far "sellers" to be more far-reaching.

   01. First Forced dealers and shopping guide of self-promotion

   In this outbreak, the dealer is the most passive of a force. If it is not a huge window of opportunity to live, a lot of dealers in the January to March period of time basically only passively wait for (of course, you can also continue to promote community buy through other means, but the effect is not as good as live.)

   [123 ] but after wave of them live, whether it is forced manufacturers to participate, or dealer participating in the initiative, regarded online marketing and offline stores a step forward.

   In particular, when the value of the dealer realized live up initiatives, actively promote the transformation of shopping guide, it as the norm of marketing tools, offline stores potential will be excited again, even the birth of a number of "red shopping guide network."

   In the survey we found that more than 45% of people think that will live marketing is the norm, nearly 40% of people said to be seen.

   and participated in more than four games for the research subject in a live marketing, 83% think that live marketing is the norm. (See Figure 5)


But for dealers and shopping guide, the face of live market their biggest concern difficulties also more realistic. Among them, most of the options were unveiled "do not know live sellers skills", and "do not know how the conversion."


02. Another is to promote the organizational ability to upgrade

   live for manufacturers is the headquarters of a new "journey." Headquartered in the past only concerned with production, brand communication relations, concerned about how much the dealer order quantity, rarely directly to consumers, and rarely has mining operations user trafficability.

   In other words, the headquarters of the organization with the ability to market and sell are not linked.

   In the survey question "If vendors do live marketing headquarters, where do you think the difficulty?" To vendors headquarters staff, represented by groups expressed the most concern is "no special talent", which also shows the aid the importance of third-party organizations.

   followed by fear of "no effect, it could become a vanity project."


Live but is the product of the mobile Internet, it is required flat management and rapid response.

   The first is to get through the headquarters of the various functional departments, including collaborative product, capital and labor, and all sales-oriented.

   followed by the headquarters and dealers should be an integral action, rules of the game of mutual benefit, rapid response marketing system, from product, financial and planning aspects for the dealer installed "ammunition" to guide and help dealers .

   This is, of P. mousse president said in a live summary:

   in the process of preparing live in, breaking the previous headquarters of bar management, the construction of the matrix type network architecture, towards interoperability, marketing, sales orders, and product direct docking. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of employees with digital overtaken KPI assessment.

   Fourth, the future store: 3 guess

   occurs and the rise of the epidemic live, so short board traditional offline stores exposed. But this does not mean that offline stores lose value, on the contrary, as long as they make good use of digital tools, efficiency and value stores but will be enhanced exponentially.

   The first is to break the geographical segmentation no longer a problem. In the era of Taobao electricity supplier as the representative of the line of stores not only not involved in the flow of the incremental dividend, they became injured in the electricity business groups continue to attack - watch online traffic is robbed, can only better for installation and distribution services.

   but let Fu store digital tools can develop their own online stores, for example, include a three-dimensional house cool house music and so launched a tool to quickly shop, and for the next line store enabling a number of marketing tools , then let the store directly into the live experience and consumption scenarios.

   followed by the experience of remodeling. The reason for the traditional storesSeeking "greater area" is to showcase more products.

   and digital tools include an online store, cloud case base, etc., will allow the stores no longer rely on a large display area will be able to complete a higher sales target. As a result, the functions of the stores can be gradually changed from "sellers center" to "Experience Center", to complete the sale in a better experience.

   Finally, the rise of "super individual . Future value and importance of the stores is no longer "the size of the area", but rather "human" ability to strength. Here both the dealers, including more terminal shopping guide.

   from a digital marketing tool of empowerment, shopping guide can gradually learn to collect from the heavy product, case finishing their daily work out, focus on service users. The live blessing, push shopping guide will become a "super ambassador" to enhance the efficiency of the terminal.


We also found in the research, and shopping guide for dealers, most sellers are willing to try live. 51% said they are willing to appearance, 34 percent said they want to think about it. Only 14% said they "do not want to."

   (Source: Sina home - Public number, invasion deleted)

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