Shanghai will build more tn thirty sewagereatment plants _ c

  Shanghai will build more than thirty of the sewage treatment plant: Tim net water purification Views: 718 Time: 2016-9-19 9:49:43 Central water purifier Shanghai in recent years, continued to promote the river water environment, water environment quality tends to turn for the better, but the water problem is more prominent in some areas, there are repeated when the river black-odor phenomenon. At present more difficult issues of water environment treatment in Shanghai, is how to govern from the source. 32 14 th Standing Committee meeting to consider the report of the city government on a comprehensive ecological environment situation, and thematic inquiries. Members focused infrastructure the city sewage pipe network, comments and suggestions. By comprehensive environmental work, the citys urban and rural water environmental outlook has made some improvement, but the water environment governance remains to be done. Urban Construction and Environmental Protection Committee of the Standing Committee of the city found in the research, as a measure of the source of governance, infrastructure construction and city sewage pipe network there are still a large number of "event of default", suburban, suburban towns and withdrawal system "195 "Lot sewer network coverage is only about 55%; a large number of industrial enterprises and villages scattered unrealized sewage pipe network coverage; rural sewage treatment construction projects completed by the end of 2015 445 000, there are more than half of rural family life wastewater collection and treatment is not implemented. In this regard, members of the Municipal Peoples Congress Education Science Culture and Health Committee Zhang Chen Question: Shanghai when fully satisfied that the sewage pipe. Municipal Water Affairs Bureau official said, "At present, Shanghai sewage treatment rate of 92.8%, in the future hopes to" Thirteen Five "efforts, the citys sewage treatment rate reached the level of more than 95% from the nanotubes level, it is currently undergoing a comprehensive investigation , also in conjunction with Shanghai central city pipe network construction, the goal is 240 kilometers, but the workload is very heavy, hopes to "thirteen five" goal, will be able to do this work. "It is understood that the city is stepping up planning to launch a new a focus on land management work, and to ensure that the basic end of next year to complete the governance of the citys black-odor river. When members of the Municipal Peoples Congress Education Science Culture and Health Committee Xueming Yang suggested that "this year is September, by the end of next year is 1 year and 3 months, how good governance within the citys black-odor river?" "City Water Authority in response to He said that in the future the city water environment governance will highlight both the root causes, from the root of the problem level,Water infrastructure levels should take the lead. "We mentioned standard wastewater treatment plant renovation, renovation and expansion work during the Thirteen Five, especially after the year 2017 to 2018, the task is very arduous. The city level will build 33 sewage plants, there are three new, a South Xiang sewage plant construction, as well as two new sewage plant: Hongqiao Taihu Lake wastewater treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant under construction before the end of the year in addition to nearly 30 sewage plants mentioned standard, expansion, sludge disposal project ten. front and rear have been started. pipe network construction, more than 240 km of sewage pipe network construction, through the wastewater treatment plant, pipeline network construction simultaneously. "

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