Standard strictly word of mouth sales double harvest to buy


Recently, the "treatment of drinking water for household and similar use of the core" and "household and similar DWTU" national standard two purifier was finally embodiment. As we all know, in the water purification market, GB play a vital role, and only under the uniform national standard specification and enforcement, industry, progress and development in order to better show the new weather. When


in clean water experts, water purification after the implementation of the national standard, consumers buy water purifier products will also be guaranteed, but there is a long standing problem of water purification market, still need to solve day, so consumers in the purchase of water purification machines still need to polish his eyes carefully chosen.


standards strictly word of mouth sales double harvest


In recent years, growing market demand stimulating the development of the water industry, but there is a serious "flaw" section of water purification equipment available on the market. For this reason, market experts advise consumers before purchasing the product should be more understanding of the relevant knowledge, the best reference water purifier GB, a good choice for the industrys reputation, reliable product quality, well-known brands, in order to better defend the family safe drinking water.


in the moment of the water purification market, in strict compliance with national standard comes as some well-known brands.


set an example to defend consumers to safe drinking water


senior industry insiders, well-known brands have been in chaos for the purge, to protect consumer safety of drinking water running around, from participating in the drafting of the national standard, and promote the implementation of the national standard, water purification launched the popularity of storms, positive, positive, healthy brand image for him.


With the formal implementation of the national standard, unqualified enterprises will be phased out, was put on "inhibition" of the water industry will usher in a new weather. Standardized and orderly water purification market, which will allow consumers to "benefit" a lot.


However, the official says, GB can only act as a restraint, companies need to do is actively practicing corporate social responsibility, standardize the market, establish a good brand image. With the national standard implementation of the future "in the industry norms and standards in the promotion, technology upgrading," the trend is more pronounced, while the Patio will continue to lead the water industry, lead by example, in order to defend the family safe drinking water as their responsibility, to provide consumers with to a better experience.

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