Pool bacteria burst table, Harbin more thanwo hundred childn

  Pool bacteria burst table, Harbin more than two hundred children were sick of: Tim net water purification Views: 561 Published: 2016-8-29 11:27:13 Tim net water purifier home water purifier participate in extra-curricular interest classes this is a after the children were happy thing, but recently Harbin nearly 200 children participated in the summer course, but gradually fever, eye irritation, throat irritation and other symptoms. Harbin Municipal Center for Disease Control of the pool were water quality testing showed that chlorine, coliform, total bacteria three indicators of failure. Summer children learn to swim, high fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, Ms. Lees daughter swimming in Harbin Sports Training Center swimming pool swimming enrolled in summer courses, after several training, physical symptoms appeared. July 20 days later, Ms. Lee daughter appeared high fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms. Ms. Lee, her daughter after hospital treatment, although symptoms well, but after testing, some indicators are still an exception. Sick childrens parents Lee: She (daughter) did not like this before, and now swimming pool has nearly three hundred children, and all the symptoms. Mr Leung sick childs parents: went after August 20, 21, developed a fever, and he went along with that child, a day earlier than he began to have a fever. Sick childs parents Lee: As far as the children come back say, not only my children say, many children say, the water is green, the children learn how to swim, the children closed (learn to swim), the adult block on the outside, the child goes to inside, we do not see the inside of the water quality. Water three indicators of failure, E. coli burst table Harbin Children swimming trainees appear physical abnormalities situation, the Harbin municipal government set up emergency leading group events, the Centers for Disease Control of swimming pool water arising from either the investigation. According to preliminary investigations, Harbin swimming sports training center, from July 11 to August 23 JCP students enrolled in summer 1100, are one swimming training at training centers underground. Students at 16 oclock on August 25, through the declaration registration understand abnormal condition of the body a total of 185 people, including 64 people hospitalized, outpatient treatment of 121 people. August 26, Harbin Municipal Center for Disease Control released the results of water quality testing of the pool: chlorine concentration is 0.08 milligrams per liter, is lower than the national standard 0.3-0.5 mg per liter; coliform greater than 230 per liter, while the national standard is less than or equal to 18 per liter; 1470 total bacteria per milliliter, while the national standard is less than or equal to 1000 per milliliter. In Renjie, deputy director of the Harbin Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission: total bacteria, coliform bacteria are seriously overweight, especially coliform reached 230 / liter, popular talk has reached the burst table. There chlorine, this indicator is the residual disinfectant, and this indicator is slightly higher, and if it is low, indicating that there is no ability to disinfect the water. Therefore, we determined that water is heavily polluted. Currently, the center of the basement swimming pool has been discontinued. Harbin Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission will start the administrative penalty procedures of the swimming pool. Initially identified pool of water pollution is the main cause of infection caused based on epidemiological investigation and analysis, this incident because no common history of drinking and eating, can exclude food and drinking water factor factor. Combined with the onset of swimming pool water test results and personnel are in contact with the history of the swimming pool swimming pool health department initially determined that water pollution is the main cause of the event, and all-out rescue work sick children, open treatment the green channel, to ensure that children timely and effective treatment.

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