OWIN integrated warway 2018 new conference a comple success

   January 13, 2018, water purification systems custom-branded OWIN New Year 2018 held in Shenzhen, Liu Hai Park Resort publish the opening ceremony, the event of "a board five cartridges, a water pump two pipes" as its theme , perfect interpretation of the characteristics of new products and artisan spirit OWIN and at live shows for ingenuity for everyone to experience unprecedented high-end water purification brought about.


   Owin integrated water purifier conference live

   before the meeting, dealers in the signature on the wall left his name and hung up Hada, 2018 placed good wishes, many dealers on OWIN special "circle of friends" to take pictures.


   dealer signature "signature wall" on the


   Owin own "circle of friends"


   overjoyed of dealer friends walked in


   Owin integrated water purifier conference live

   the OWIN hold new conference, invited more than 500 new and old customers all over the country to participate. OWIN company CEO Liu at the press conference described the companys development process, and give deep Dui future expectations. Mr. Liu said: "2018 OWIN will usher in a major historical turning point ......." Shenzhen OWIN After years of precipitation, slowly and surely, the team has grown gradually improved organizational structure, investment policy of continuous reform, finally worked out a suitable own, in line with the path of development of the times, this conference Dui OWIN has very great significance.


   OWIN Group CEO Mr. Liu speech, she said: "2018 OWIN will usher in a new historical turning point ......"

   At the meeting, OWIN R & D Director purifier yellow Jincang redefined OWIN whole house custom-branded with the "luxury light", "delicate", "smart", "practical", the "luxury light" concept into the new water purification products among nature itself , so that "luxury light" brand enjoys popular involvement.


   "light luxury" mainMeaning divided into two aspects, namely, the top original design and high quality workmanship. The biggest difference between light luxury brands and luxury goods is price, light luxury brand is not as elusive as a luxury, it is usually in high-end positioning, ordinary petty bourgeoisie, the middle class consumer population can play. Light water purification system customized luxury brand OWIN, is the leading technology research and development and product technology to meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for contemporary young middle class population.


   Huang, director of research and development to find out more technical advantages of the new product

   The OWIN has released three series of products, pre-filter O6, O6plus, O6plus +, central water purifier W6, W7, end drink straight N6, N7, N8, in addition Huang also introduced the advantages and disadvantages of integrated water analysis and future prospects, new products introduced by Huang showed a net OWIN water power, showing their strength of innovation, once again declared OWIN strong innovation strength!


   water purifier new release - end integrated waterway machine N6

   this conference is for everyone to bring a grand visual listening experience, the venue dealer friends distractions, rapt explained Huang Dui products, with bursts of cheers and thunderous applause respond. After the meeting, many dealers Dui friend to the conference on a high rating, they are against the presence of the staff and leadership of a thumbs-up excitement laments: "really did not disappoint, good products, the trip worthwhile , capture the market depends on it!


   is dedicated listening dealer friend


   dealers at short speech

   after this conference, more determined Dui OWIN dealer friend of confidence, they are determined to work together with OWIN meeting spot dealers have orders, and OWIN signed cooperation, and even some dealers to sign under the 2019 "the Warlords" 10 million performance, on-site atmosphere is very warm.



   dealers live to fight money, signing and pictures taken


   dealers confidently in 10 million "The Warlords" standings signature

   Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a German Owen Owen International Group wholly-owned subsidiary, responsible for "OWIN" brand products in production, sales and service of China. Relying on years of experience in water treatment, heritage exquisite production technology, innovative product design concept, the implementation of the water treatment industrys stringent quality standards, all of its products have passed certification bodies, Owen became a classic in the history of development. OWINs success was not easy, for many years, OWIN rely on the dedication and a firm belief in clean water, and finally paid off, explore a brand name for their own development.


   after the photo

   "blared Toru Kyushu, extension of the neck look glorious", OWIN live up to expectations today, Potters work, strength aspirations, resounded Shenzhen, affecting the country. In the future, OWIN will bear in mind the historical mission, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, strong brand line without wavering, to go higher, farther, stronger!

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