Patio water purifier product quality full intpretion

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   For the current water purifier manufacturers, the products as the lifeblood and driving force behind the development of enterprises, and only continue to strengthen and improve product quality, and ongoing product research and innovation, upgrade to the occupation in the development of the industry competitive position.

   Based on the mission of the society, based on the consumers responsibility, Patio water industry as a leader, adhere to the product-based, market-oriented, through constant research and innovation and strict quality control efforts to seek a breakthrough product performance and quality assurance to strengthen the quality of products, adhere to the "struggle for human drinking water health" business purposes.

   adhere to strict quality control to product quality and value

   From the testing of raw materials to finished products, each Patio water purification products are subject to stringent quality testing: 100,000 water hammer test, 28kg pressure burst test, 12kg hydrostatic testing, quality inspection process together hundreds of channels to ensure product quality Patio no fear.

   filter is the most core components of water purifier, Patio maintains a high-quality filter material and the worlds leading production technology. Wherein, PP cotton using internationally accepted process for producing a gradient diameter; the UDF bulk granular activated carbon or coconut shell activated carbon filter media of high quality activated carbon materials, food grade ABS plastic housing; CTO and coal activated carbon filter 900 using the above coal iodine as a charcoal filter material, after three iron sulfur removal processing, or be food grade quality carbon binder sintering plants compression molding.

   is the same pressure tank water purifier essential parts, food grade safety material pressure tank Patio water purifier are used through NSF, FDA certification authority, the liner butyl food grade material, ensure that the pressure barrel antibacterial insurance, vacuum sealed, will not cause secondary pollution, and to maintain the pressure constant pressure tank, from the ambient temperature, and the temperature affect the use of the cartridge case.

   of the booster pump as the heart of pure water, and the internal structure of the material is used only factor which determines the life span. Patio pure water machines are the Delta, Johnson & Johnson and other well-known brands to increase pump, Patio and developed a unique "no-noise constant pressure RO pump", with low noise, corrosion resistance, and high pressure, and can ensure a sufficient amount water supply.

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