[Good news] spring to i3 Product Award winng Yipu Lan, leadw

  [Good news] spring to i3 Product Award winning Yipu Lan, leading water purifier new trend!

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2017, Chinas home appliance and consumer electronics fair ( AWE2017) has been the most perfect ending Rong, Chinese Academy of home appliances and consumer electronics industry, household appliances and consumer electronics is still "Aipu Lan Award" was officially announced, mineral spring water purifiers to i3 following the 2016 again won the "AWE Yipu Lan products prize".



Aipu Lan prize known as the "Chinese home appliance industry Oscar", is the highest accreditation standard established by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the most influential of integrated home appliances awards. Over the years, Aipu Lans award-winning products and well received in consideration of the market test, the impression to the public is: Where Yipu Lan will be fine. Thus, a "Aipu Lan Award" represents not only walk in the technology industry, cutting-edge technology, features more in line with the needs of the times, but also reflects the quality of life can bring people to enjoy, especially the penetration of the "scientific, natural, healthy, green "concept.



to mineral spring water purifiers i3, spring is the real deal to conscientiously tree brand, solid in water purification powerful first-line brands ! On display in this exhibition AWE spring to spring mineral water purifier to i3 is the flagship high-quality products, once listed, and on the majority of consumers sought after! It brings no new noise-free electric pump without water purifier core technology, will set off a new round of storm water purifiers.





Heres a quick glimpse of winning Yipu Lan product award, leading the new trend of spring water purifier to mineral water purifier i3 the mysterious true capacity of it!




drinking water, health care, to springi3 tailored







Multiple care six filter can be directly drinking mineral water


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without pump without electricity core technology, safety and environmental benefits the country







machine zero noise, attentive care to the extreme






so beautiful to perfect spring i3 mineral water purifier, you want to have it?















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