On the edge water purification industry ghered iwholhousw pu

   increasing water pollution, holds many lessons for face urgent environment, universal health has become urgent problem, peoples consumption concept has gradually tilted to the direction of health, health class appliances demand is rising gradually. On the one hand, the traditional home appliances is gradually to the "health" approach, on the other hand, the new health household appliances is showing a trend of rapid growth. Among them, there is the combined effect of the water purification industry. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, represented by a number of companies have entered the terminal water purification industry, POU water dispenser market to seize a part. The new reform of the rise of drinking water, clean water industry will enter a golden period of development.


   water industry developments and challenges

   Although the water purifier is only a short 20 years of history in our country, but the pace of development is very alarming. Faced with such a huge market prospects, there are many investment plans of enterprises have joined water purifiers, water purifiers to enter the market, water purification market vibrant. Of course, the rich will always be accompanied by a large number of market competitors currently on the market there are as many as thousands of water purification, some small businesses are not fully qualified, can not be guaranteed after-sales service, technical plagiarism is serious, leading to the market water purifier price and quality is uneven. Some cross-border traditional household electrical appliance enterprises also lack their own R & D team and factory, showing a "large enterprise, small department," the embarrassing situation. In general, both the hard work over the years in the industry has established a water purification business, or just getting started in recent years in the field of water purification traditional household electrical appliance enterprises are relying on their own background and strengths, intense competition, the industry has not yet formed stable competitive landscape.



   improve the market gradually improve the brand concentration

   "reverse osmosis water purifier and water efficiency rating limit" and other mandatory introduction of standards, clean water will gradually mature, rational development of the track. With the continuous improvement water purifier industry standards and systems, Chinas water purification industry in the coming years will usher in a major restructuring of the market, in the face of product quality, production lines, production technology and water purification market competition and more innovation Some small water purifier brand will continue to be difficult to sustain, some of the water purifier without a license will not be in existence, market the brand concentration will gradually increase, overall growth will slow.

   whole house water purification has become an important way to promote the industry trends qualitative change to the

  There are two: First, major changes in the industrial structure through restructuring of existing industrial ecology, in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency; the second is technological progress, given the existing industrial powers, improve production efficiency. Currently, water purification technology to upgrade the direction of the market should be the high water level of efficiency, large flow of small-scale, integrated heating water purification, filter upgrade, product development trend of the entire family of water purification program. Industry believes that after purification industry from the second half of the home water purifier to solve the water scheme project transition.


   future development of the water purifier market is huge, currently two net industry is on the cusp, compared to other home appliances saturation, health appliances are in the market embryonic stage of development, two net market development of the industry is speeding, much higher than any other category, so that water purifiers and cleaners are Chinese home appliance industry a new outlet.

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