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鍗庡皵搴?鏈堜唤绗竴鍦衡€滃垎浜粡娴庢ā寮忎氦娴佷細鈥濆渾婊¤惤骞? 鐜板満鐏垎 绛惧崟鐜囨寔缁秴楂? src=

investments completed in the sharing; development in the sharing;


the accumulation of wealth in the sharing; happy experience in the sharing;


capacity building in the sharing; dream Share reached.


This is the shared economy - the most profitable industry in the future.

鍗庡皵搴?鏈堜唤绗竴鍦衡€滃垎浜粡娴庢ā寮忎氦娴佷細鈥濆渾婊¤惤骞? 鐜板満鐏垎 绛惧崟鐜囨寔缁秴楂? src=

Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager 鈻?- M


- M purifier share economic model exchange


work with you to dig water purification hundreds of millions of wealth [123 ]

   shared economic times, to allow partners to really learn the operation of the market, to seize the market, the market value of the won, helping partners to easily tap water industry hundreds of millions of wealth, September 20, 2018, a two-day economic share mode exchange will be officially opened in China Kang industrial park. Mr. Kang Hua Zhu Jianhua, general manager of the public to join hands executives and industry partners from across the country come together with China to explore new charm Kang "Hua Kang water purifiers share in the economic model".

鍗庡皵搴?鏈堜唤绗竴鍦衡€滃垎浜粡娴庢ā寮忎氦娴佷細鈥濆渾婊¤惤骞? 鐜板満鐏垎 绛惧崟鐜囨寔缁秴楂? src= 鈻?presiding Ms. Xie Chunxiang


   At the beginning of the General Assembly, presided over the meeting, Ms. Xie Chunxiang extend a warm welcome and thanks to people all over the world - M family from afar. Subsequently, Ms. Xie introduced the Road: The meeting focused on "sharing economy" and "innovation model", "Profit analysis", "case analysis", "policy support", "market landing" that launched six areas, to share new marketing ideas, models and methods, help us to open new market channels for sales, profitability breakthrough improvement, water purification sharing the wealth.

   Mr. 鍗庡皵搴?鏈堜唤绗竴鍦衡€滃垎浜粡娴庢ā寮忎氦娴佷細鈥濆渾婊¤惤骞? 鐜板満鐏垎 绛惧崟鐜囨寔缁秴楂? src= 鈻?sales manager Peng East


   Subsequently, lead the company profile and watch videos listed by Mr. Kang Hua sales manager Peng east, and from the brand, product features, business mode, development planning, comprehensive exposition - M brand, and the status of the water industry and future prospects, combined with the PPT explain in detail the opportunities our water purifier 6.0 business models, and to share: "the wealth of business opportunities flash that water purification passed away, who can seize the opportunity to win the market who can take the lead and win the wealth!

鍗庡皵搴?鏈堜唤绗竴鍦衡€滃垎浜粡娴庢ā寮忎氦娴佷細鈥濆渾婊¤惤骞? 鐜板満鐏垎 绛惧崟鐜囨寔缁秴楂? src= Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager 鈻?- M


   understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click [ 123]

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