US source of clean water together to create -Chinescore-

   June 15, coincided with the Shanghai International Water Exhibition being held, the US joint clean water source held a strategic cooperation news conference to launch OWPURE double high RO + and low DF film, breaking the imported films monopolize the high-end market, industry pattern for shaping the film industry, "China chip" has taken a solid step forward. 缇庣殑纰ф按婧愯仈鎵嬫墦閫犫€滀腑鍥借姱鈥? src=

   rely on independent innovation the core concept, clean water source independent design, costing billions of dollars of annual output of 6 million square meters second reverse osmosis membrane production line has been put into operation, production efficiency and intelligent control technology to the world class level, breaking the monopoly of technology developed in this field of high-end equipment.

   With the success of DF film OWPURE "high-throughput, high desalination" reverse osmosis membranes and "ultra-low voltage, high flux" in the US water purification machine scale applications, the cooperation of the United States and the source of clean water and to aa a new level.

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