Water purification machines do not fly to your health


In recent years, exacerbated the problem of water pollution further reminders hot water purification market, while present, my countrys water industry product penetration is only 2%. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said recently that the water purification market has great potential, he expects, will be an annual output of household water purifiers 45% growth rate, my countrys household water purification industry will enter a golden period of rapid development.


water compliance rate is not high


people rely on groundwater contaminated drinking water will inevitably be affected.


water purifier market heating up is no accident, more and more severe drinking problem stimulate peoples nerves. Recently, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association released the "Chinas first water treatment products consumer research report," the data show that only 25% of users expressed satisfaction with the urban consumers at home tap water, 49.6% of users are concerned about dirty drinking water, water quality bad for the family, there are questions running water.


"water quality is getting worse." China Disease Prevention and Control Center for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety E Miller researcher pointed out that in recent years, Chinas water pollution incidents affects everyones heart, including aniline spill, cadmium, phenol pollution incidents and heavy metal pollution, "people can not help asking whether we drink a cup of water."


data show that groundwater pollution in North China are mainly three kinds of nitrogen exceeded, excessive heavy metals, organic pollutants exceeded, and infiltration of surface water contamination is an important cause of groundwater contamination. According to World Health Organization statistics, 80% of human diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water caused.


groundwater pollution will inevitably affect people depend for drinking water. After last years Beijing research to engage in water for a couple of 20 years do not drink tap water out of the coverage of events, whether people drink clean tap water had doubts.


According to color the water pure water is understood in terms of water supply water plant, the situation is not optimistic. Recently, on water quality is poor, or smell, or significant turbidity reports from time to time seen in the media. Reports indicate that in 2009 the city live in water quality monitoring center construction department organized a nationwide census of 4457 the town water plant, where the city waterworks factory water quality compliance rate was 58.2% in 2011, waterworks factory water quality compliance rate of 83%. the data in the community caused a great sensation. For thisAs a result, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Hao believes that most of the old town water system, reaches the tap water flowing through the tubes from the net net, quality compliance rate will be reduced by about 10%. In addition, due to the municipal water and out of touch, some of the first to enter the building roof water tank, this can easily produce secondary water red worms (that is, the mosquito eggs to hatch tank bugs), which will also have on water quality influences.


E Miller believes, based on experiences of developed countries, to solve Chinas water environment may take more than 30 years. And professor at Tsinghua University Zhansheng are more pessimistic, he believes, it may take 50 to 100 years.


"There is increasing demand for health, water purification appliance industry came into being." Said Chen Gang, a qualified water purification products are increasingly becoming water quality terminal security solution the best choice.


water purifier market prospects


water purifier is the appliance industry last piece of cake, or the next five years will form a market size of nearly 400 billion yuan.


"From the survey data we do look to improve the quality of life, protect the health of consumers is the main reason to buy a water purifier, the survey showed that over 62% of users will be ready to buy a water purifier. "Chen Gang told China business Herald reporter said that demand rapid heating household water purifiers, water purifiers production at a rate of 45% annual growth, Chinas household water purification industry has also entered into a golden period of rapid development. He believes that the water purifier is the appliance industry last piece of cake, will form the next five years or nearly 400 billion yuan market scale.


At present, my countrys water treatment products manufacturers amounted to more than 3000, water purification equipment market size of nearly 20 billion yuan. Last year, the water purifier sales year on year growth rate of over 60%.


Recently, TCL, Midea and other domestic appliances business announced its entry into the water purifier market, foreign brands LG has also incoming. The industry believes that with the sudden emergence of segments, or small domestic appliances market structure will change this year.


E Miller points out, America and Europe 90%, Asia 70% penetration rate in developed countries compared to our water industry product penetration is only 2%, the market will show rapid growth. He said the water purifier may become like color TV as essential household appliances, along with drinking water quality for peoples attention, in the future it will become the standard configuration of the family,Annual production value could bring hundreds of billions.


Although promising, but the current water industry issues can not be ignored. Chen Gang, due to the low water purifier industry barriers to entry, high-tech, high value-added, high-reliability water purification companies are not many. Lack of standards is a water purifier market chaos of a major culprit. Reporters learned that the current national standards for water purification products using only electrical safety, for product performance, and to replace the filter is no specific labeling requirements and other standards. Over time, "Greshams Law" phenomenon will occur, which will ultimately affect the healthy development of the whole industry.


consumers are most concerned about purifying effect


At present, the product quality, functionality and after-sales service is the main reason for consumers to buy influence.


When talking about "Chinas first water treatment products consumer research report," the purpose, said Chen Gang, through satisfaction surveys of water quality, residents for water cleanliness can understand the feelings, with a view to a net aquatic products manufacturers indicate trends and future direction of development.


survey shows that 63% of consumers buy water purifier is mainly used for household drinking water, but with the improvement of the quality of peoples lives, for kitchen cooking water more and more attention, 35.8% of users Buy water purifier used in kitchen cooking, etc., in order to fully ensure the safety of drinking water.


"product quality, functionality and after-sales service is the main reason for consumers to buy influence." Chen Gang introduction, water purification equipment manufacturers not only have excellent technology, to ensure product quality and other hard power, and the installation, filter replacement and other services is also important, if the service can not keep up, the quality of the water purifier is empty. 33.7% of service users to give their assessment of the general, water purifiers different from ordinary household electrical appliances, not once and for all after the purchase, companies need to provide services such as telephone interviews, timely and telling consumers to replace the filter. 83.6% of consumers want companies to improve on-site service to replace the filter.


a large amount of water and wastewater rate is still plagued by the user, the survey shows that despite the still water purifiers, water purifiers but the water is too low.


water, pure water color, understand that many consumers and not enough understanding of water purification products, such as water purification filters, depending on the quality and length of time required regular replacement, filter replacement, if not timely, not only of less than filtering effect, andAlso lead to harmful substances than the original tap water through the filter more water, long-term drinking harm to human body.


Zhansheng suggested that in order to allow consumers to drink healthy water, safe water, industry associations should develop all aspects of the water purifier market play a greater role.


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