Usually drink cool white open okay


   Water is the source of life, was asked the usual drink cool white open, okay? Well look how small series.






water appear to be normal, but inside knowledge, but not really small. How people drink, what kind of water to drink, and drink plenty of water are needed at what time the scrutiny of the health details. Following small little knowledge usually drink cool white open okay.


A lot of people would get up early to drink a glass of water. Especially in the summer, more than the loss of water at night, morning thirst. So, what kind of water to drink in the morning most appropriate? Kang said in the morning is best to drink warm water and warm water should be cool after the new boil, the water temperature at 40 degrees Celsius. One reason, the temperature is close to body temperature, feeling very comfortable; Secondly new boil water cool to about 40 degrees Celsius, the vitality of water molecules in the water of the strongest, most penetrating, and therefore most easily absorbed. Kang stressed in the morning to drink cool white open is not a good choice. Completely cool boiled water, the water molecules easily lose their activity, part of the "hold together" and some "asleep", and some "Xiecai" the. At this time, go drinking, drink it is not "living water" but "stagnant water", not absorbed by the body, the human body does not meet in the early morning rapid replenishment requirements.


In addition to warm water, there are a lot of people like to drink "with taste" of water at the time of getting up early. Honey, water, light tea, lemonade and salt water are common choices.


explain this to Kang, drink honey water, there is some truth, especially some elderly, drink honey water in the morning may be more appropriate. Benefits of honey water is warm stomach and intestines laxative. But the red honey water must use warm water, not cold water and hot water, as long as the cup of warm water and a teaspoon of honey into it. Once with water, honey, theres some nutrients may be destroyed. If you washed with cold water, not good for the gastrointestinal.


Many elderly people, especially the elderly, like tea, morning, drink a glass of tea seems to enjoy it. Drink light tea there is nothing wrong, but must pay attention to "light." If you are drinking tea in an empty stomach, the heart rate may fluctuate old man has appeared. Theophylline sensitive, will produce tachycardia or arrhythmia. For old friends, a lot of theophylline into the body leads to calcium loss, osteoporosis and other diseases will increase theprocess.


compared with honey, water, light tea, lemonade drink in the morning, not too many constraints, as long as not too much sugar can be added. Kang stressed in the morning to drink salt water is not very good. Because the highest morning blood viscosity, the most unstable blood pressure, various cardiac events most likely to occur. At this point anything is salt ingested are likely to increase the viscosity of the blood, so blood pressure. Although the role of antibacterial salt water and replenish electrolytes, but where there is inflammation of the mouth, diarrhea case was suitable for drinking.


After the pouring of water should be consumed within 4 hours


in the health alert, boiled water exposed to the air for 4 hours or does not belong to the most suitable for drinking water. Because four hours was vigor water molecules can be effectively saved the longest time. More than four hours, the vitality of water molecules began to decrease.


"drink improper easily lead to the loss of nutrients." This is not an alarmist, but to give Kang likes to drink pure water, mineral water and mineral water of Peoples Counsel. These three water, mineral water if drunk too much, easily lead to the loss of nutrients. The so-called mineral water, which can be regarded as artificially adding some elements on the basis of pure water, these elements are added to the number of difficult to master. Assumptions which added quite a lot of magnesium, so people easily because too much magnesium is caused by loss of calcium after drinking.


in Kang said, there are about 1500 ml a day through the kidneys drainage, drainage through the skin have about 500 ml, about 350 milliliters drainage through the lungs, through the feces drain 150 ml so the total consumption of about 2,500 milliliters . The metabolism of the human body every day will produce about 300 milliliters of water, food intake by about 700-1000 ml water, so people need to drink water at about 1200-1500 ml, which is generally a glass of water 6-8 cups.


family safe drinking water Tips: How to be healthy drinking water


(1) hour before a meal drinking: early, about an hour before lunch and dinner, drink a certain amount of water, because the meal drink plenty of water before increasing appetite, aid digestion, promote absorption effect.


(2) fasting warm water is appropriate: a hot or cold drink will stimulate adverse completely absorbed on an empty stomach gastric nutrients, milk, soy milk, etc.It should therefore be used in a meal or after a meal.


(3) gastrointestinal Shu meal soup: soup to drink a certain amount of meals, help dissolve food and preliminary digestion in the stomach and in the small intestine beneficial to digestion and absorption, if the meal when not replenish the amount of water before meals or after meals because a large number of secretion of gastric juice and consume too much fluid, causing thirst, this time to drink plenty of water will give heart, kidney and other organ pipe burden.


Through the above description, you are sure of the safety of drinking water knowledge understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the safe use of household water purifiers, all hazardous substances are removed, the specific operation to focus on stations it.






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