Online shopping purifiers do not effect three strategies toe

   More and more people choose to shop online, online shopping is convenient, to meet the needs of almost all purchases, but there have been varying quality, service and returned no lack of security and other issues. So, when online shopping purifier, in the end we should pay attention to what? How can we prevent being cheated? Let us take a look.




online shopping purifiers do not effect three strategies to teach you how to prevent cheating (Photo from Internet)

   1. attention to ask for health administration to the shop business documents of approval authorities

   At present, the water purifier market brand was mixed, uneven quality of products, some of which seem tall on the brand, not even the administrative examination and approval, inspection reports and other regulatory documents.

   When consumers buy, be sure to look for well-known brands, ask for key documents to store business. Water purification products of the same brand and model, should shop around, if you find the online sale of water purifier price and the market price difference between the larger, the need to be vigilant, due to cost constraints, general business profits not so high, the product price is too cheap, illustrates the quality may be a problem, do not lose the greater. At the same time, consumers also should pay more attention to user reviews shop, try to choose those comments more than satisfied with the number and high product.

   2. Water filter should be selected later that the service provided by the network

   different from the general water purifier household appliances such as television, computers, etc., it takes a professional engineer after installation, before normal use. When consumers buy, should be asked whether businesses to provide clear installation, logistics companies can choose home delivery. If the business can not provide subsequent installation, filter replacement and other services, you need to ask consumers to pay people to install.

   In addition, Xiao Bian to remind purifier user, do not install it yourself. If the installation is not in place, very prone to water leakage accident, while excessive water pressure, water purifiers may even burst pipes phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary loss of life.

   3. Check the product promptly after receipt

   check water purifier brand identity, name and address, and warranty certificate and other documents are complete complete, chat as much as possible to retain the business valid evidence in the record, such as online shopping transactions screenshots found substandard quality, prompt businesses to apply for replacement. In case of malicious things difficult,Deliberate fraud and other issues, can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests held by the evidence.

   In addition, small advice for large online shopping mall, at the same time try to choose a service business, so the purchase of water purification equipment to get better maintenance, so you have peace of mind.

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