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  As peoples awareness of healthy drinking water, water purifiers to enter more and more families, but many people only know the water purifier can purify water, but do not know some conventional water purifiers use of knowledge, which is likely to result in a net water is not only not achieve the purification of water may also be a source of contamination! Below Hua Kang water purifier small series to be a detailed explanation! RO鍙嶆笚閫忔妧鏈? width= 1. Understand the principles of no electricity purifier water purifier using the water pressure of pure physical filters, water purifier needs to use electric pump to increase the water pressure through the filter membrane, in accordance with local water conditions processing and flexible use patterns. Water softener cation exchange resin to remove most of the calcium and magnesium ions, reduce water hardness scale removal by adsorption of activated carbon with a chlorine odor, heavy metals stage various chemical contaminants, improved mouthfeel, using membrane technology, entrapping water bacteria, red worms, colloids, rust and sediment. 2. After a period of time, the amount of water purifier significantly attenuated according to water industry professionals:? This involves pressure, take water and water substances, so when this occurs, first check the water pressure conditions, such as normal, indicating that there is more water turbidity of particulate matter, please contact the above phenomenon water purifier company service personnel in order to take appropriate measures, such as occur. 3. The large area of 鈥嬧€媤ater flow, water purifiers and water flow but few large water flow is not equal to the pressure on the large, depending on the size and the size of the tap water pipeline, also involves natural phenomena water level, so you can pressure gauge measuring the way, if they can not meet the minimum pressure water purifiers, please take immediate boost measures to improve product usage. 4. Some of the water purification filter will produce a white precipitate boiling water purifier purifying function of the more prominent point retain essential trace element and minerals, therefore is not on the water, in general, water purifiers will produce a white precipitate, but if the boiling water purifier, a compound of hard water with increasing temperature, the solubility decreases after boiling demineralized water resulting in precipitation or coagulation County floating in water. In addition, the cold water may occasionally happen that a phenomenon, which is related to the alkaline water, if the water-ice is made, with the same down to a freezing temperature, solubility also is reduced, a white precipitate formed. For the naturally occurring mineral water, since the temperature rise or fall of the white precipitate formed, does not affect the quality of water, consumers do not have to worry about.芦Previous 1 2 Next >>

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