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   There is no clean water have to play? Water purification business How can we do better? This is the question people have to think about every water purifier.

   December 7, 2018, Chinese water industry technical seminars-cum-tour into the brand Taiyuan, grand curtain in the Yellow Kyoto Grand Hotel Taiyuan, a net around the empty, clean water and smart home large health products and technological exchanges will begins. Guangdong Welland Life Technology Co., Ltd. Aipu Lan bring its intelligent water purification products and water purification industry professionals to come together around the brand, customers, products, technologies and models, with innovative ideas, embrace change of attitude, open a new thinking explore new future of the industry.



Marketing Director Aipu Lan Wan Zhou speech

   In recent years, the water industry have matured, at the same time, intense competition is more significant, Aipu Lan every attention to the interests of agents and consumers, first in product, Aipu Lan always adhere to product innovation, after years of research and testing, Aipu Lan mineralized reverse osmosis water purifier new listing system, except into the water industry international top technology, sophisticated filtration products internal structure to ensure water quality, taste sweet; also imitate the principles of natural mineral water formation, precipitation of strontium-rich soft alkaline water cup from 108 kinds of ore to meet the people on healthy water needs, protect the family drinking water more healthy, safe and convenient.




Aipu Lan Products

   to Aipu Lan i9 reverse osmosis water purification unit, for example, US imports Hyde High performance can RO membrane filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron, effectively retain heavy metal ions, bacteria, pesticides and other harmful substances; Jingchuang mineralized reverse osmosis filtration system, natural precipitation of trace elements strontium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other beneficial to humans ; WIFI APP things together control, real-time monitoring filter status and TDS value, for the core intelligent reminder to protect the safety of drinking water; the integration of waterway design, eliminate leakage risks; more 400 gallons large flux, Unlimited fresh water.



guests took the content of interest

   is the foundation of good product, brand awareness and establish clean water for marketing business model in order to make the distribution agent Suppliers do business more smoothly, which is the EUPLan has been doing.

   In order to open up new retail, Aipu Lan URBAN partner program. A "four stores a transport", continued long-term services, operations fans, encourage referrals, and word of mouth to form fission. Using a commercial home linkage, a two-pronged; online and offline interaction, the Internet, new retail. Distribution and referral linkage, fission user growth: by agency policy mechanisms traction, to find more distributors together to sell through user referrals, so that more users choose Aipu Lan products. Current income and future earnings linkage, achieve sustained profitability: the price is set by the machine to protect current revenue agents, service by expanding the number of users, future earnings will be more worth the wait.



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   safe drinking water without delay , water purifiers to look beautiful, space and other characteristics, won a lot of consumer recognition, water purifier industry has entered a golden period. At present the number of water purification company an annual rate of 30% -40% growth, market penetration is also growing at a rate of 5%. With such a huge water purification market, find reliable manufacturers and fly a good product is based on the fundamental market. In thousands of water purification brands, Aipu Lan can be regarded as a strong brand, excellent product is equipped with sophisticated marketing model, we believe the future Aipu Lan will bring us more surprises!

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