Show the evolution of social media marketing platform for wa

   Now in the age of the Internet, the rapid development of e-commerce is profoundly changing the way people live. At the same time, this new model, the development model of water purifier business also had an impact no small extent. Accompanied by microblogging, letters, blog, forums and other social media booming, and now has evolved into an important platform for brand self-display. Therefore, water purifier companies should not longer follow the traditional marketing "know - buy - loyalty," the old road, but take the "loyal customers spread - diffuse awareness - more customers to buy" new path.




show the evolution of social media platform for corporate marketing water purifier walk a new path

   First, the brand marketing of the three elements

   As the mobile Internet the rise of the three elements of water purifier brand marketing: the media, consumers, the channel has undergone enormous changes. Traditional brand marketing model is facing serious challenges, to seek a way to adapt to the characteristics of the mobile Internet era of marketing model has become a new topic.

   to do brand marketing in the Internet era, the water purifier business not just to the current sales of products, but to make the brand have a lasting influence, this is the original meaning of brand marketing. As brand awareness is not the same brand as a premium brand marketing goal is not cheap, allowing consumers to produce this be considered eccentric or emotional brand marketing.

   Second, the mobile Internet era reputation management is important

   There is a view that is currently under the age of the Internet advertising is dead. In fact, the Internet has brought the biggest challenge is how to disseminate good understanding will lead to a bad product faster to death. Especially today, the Internet allows consumers the right to speak when an unprecedented high, reputation management is more important moment.

   because in the past the way the media is, monopolies, high-priced, must put a lot of the media era of mobile Internet is interactive, open, low-cost, free and accurate. Also in the past users (consumers) are isolated, vulnerable, basically no influence, and the user mobile Internet era (the consumer) is a community, a strong, mutually influence each other or achievements will destroy the corporate brand.

   Third, the far-reaching social media brand-building impact

   With the emergence and development of the mobile Internet social media has become the people to each otherShare insights, information, ideas and build relationships online platform, it is by social networking relationships with like-minded people formed. In a certain sense each product or brand of Internet users age are present on social media, even if a user is silent, his family, friends, colleagues and so on will also affect him on social media.

   In other words, the brand is the emergence of groups of users on social media, consumers pay more attention to brand perception exhibited at the time of online shopping and product perceived quality impression, which is social media the impact on vital information. Consumer understanding of the brand, the more in-depth, the greater the brand influence, the greater the harvest value of the assets of the brand.

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