yigesese Secret mornings first cup of strs



a beverage


up in the morning first cup of water is best not to drink commercial fruit juice, cola, soft drinks, coffee, milk and other beverages. Carbonated soft drinks like cola and mostly contain citric acid, in the metabolic process will speed up the excretion of calcium, blood calcium levels decrease, calcium deficiency can cause long-term drinking. While others favor voiding beverage role early in the morning drinking not only the body can not effectively supplement the lack of water will increase the collective demands for water, but the body caused water shortages.


juice, milk, coffee, and it is not a first morning drink, since these materials do not provide moisture time the body is most needed, so that the body will be in a state where water let the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of work, is not conducive to good health.


Second, the ice-water


A lot of people like to drink a glass of ice water up in the morning, in fact, this is very scientific. Ice water easily cause gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, affecting digestion, stimulate gastrointestinal, the gastrointestinal motility to accelerate, even cause intestinal cramps, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea. Normal ice water, especially with sweet drink, after drinking in fasting conditions, easily lead to stomach.


In addition, the first ice water to stimulate the throat, vascular congestion status will be sudden contraction, reduced blood, hidden bacteria will take advantage of this, it could lead to a sore throat, his voice hoarse, or the occurrence of colds and coughs, have adverse effects on health.


morning. excessive drinking ice water will also affect developmental and physiological functions of the reproductive system, especially some young girls, regardless of whether it is menstrual period, casually drinking ice water or cold drinks can cause menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea. Chill gather the uterus even after marriage implicitly laying the seeds of infertility.


boys and excessive drinking ice water will also affect sperm development. In addition, the ice water will cause harm to the throat, vocal cords, respiratory system.


Third, the long home water


After the water is set long, wherein the nitrogen-containing organic matter will continue to be broken down into nitrite. In particular, the water is stored for too long, it is inevitable that bacterial contamination, when the nitrogen-containing organic matter decomposition accelerated, nitrite are even greater. After drinking this water nitrite and hemoglobin, the blood will affect the oxygen transport function.


Therefore, in the thermos bottle of water for several days repeatedly boiled residueWater, boiling water for a long time on the stove, the ingredients have been changed and not drinking. Should drink a boil, no more than 24 hours in the water.


In addition, bottled, bottled variety of pure water, mineral water should not be stored for too long. Large bottles of bottled or purified water, mineral water more than three days should not drink.


IV saline


Some people think that drinking salt water good for your health, so the early morning to drink salt water, this understanding is indeed wrong. Drink salt water is good for health is not false, it is necessary to add water after sweating in the summer, it can be not only useless for the early morning moisture supplement, or a wrong practice of health hazards.


yigesese believe that people not drink water dripping all night sleep, but breathing, perspiration, urinary but progress, these physical activities to consume a lot of water loss. Morning when the blood has become a concentrated state at this time as an amount of water to drink the blood can be diluted quickly to correct the night of hypertonic dehydration. Drink salt water will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is prepared by adding dry mouth. Moreover, the morning is the first peak of blood pressure, the higher blood pressure will drink salt water, hazardous to health.



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