Storage tank connected to water purifier how


   storage tank water purifier how to connect it? This is a very technical issue, Xiao Bian also had to consult a professional person to answer.




water purification industry through rapid development, both brand and performance has greatly improved. Many families are beginning to install it, following the introduction of knowledge about how storage tank water purifier connected.


determine the host is installed under the hood or cooking stage, to determine whether the several holes drilled through the pipe, will not need to drill additional pressure when the host computer and the storage tank are mounted on hood; if host installation in the stage, a pressure barrel attached to the lower cabinet, the four 6mm holes should be drilled, respectively, through the inlet, then pressure tank water, pure water, the drain pipe.


connected after drilling the pipe so as to be on the silicone seepage.


A storage tank connected to the pressure tank pressure valve, and connected to a 1/4 "water connection.


In the 1/4" stuffed the PE pipe nozzle pipe plug, the water connection. Failure problem


machine occurs at work, it is generally recommended that the user is looking for professional installers to install the water purifier.


through these presentations, I believe you will be able to grasp how water purifier storage tank is connected to it. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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