Water purifier brand marketing, selling directly to the cons

   market brushed aside the fog, the return of the marketing origin: the means and methods to provide consumers with all the marketing of goods and services based on the product itself, but provides a channel so that goods reach consumers, and consumer product itself is the the initial hope persons.


   "Product is king" a strong return

   from the "channel is king, end winning" to "brand is king", then this "product is king", the product once again stood in the limelight marketing. But this time "product is king", not standing manufacturers point of view of "Product is king," but the consumers point of view "product is king." Because the change in the angle, consumer-centric "product is king," cast a real product and profound meaning and influence, has become the core of modern marketing strategy.

   Consumers in the end what it takes? And consumers will ultimately get what?

   Now, this is the consumers point of view, a renewed focus on product and examine the water purifier brand marketing time ......

   a good product is king

   "sell themselves" The idea was if the product is very good, even if do not do marketing, advertising, consumers will know it, and take the initiative to find it. As opposed to legislation that "wine is afraid of deep alley," meaning the information developed under market economy conditions, the product itself is important, but the sales channels and promotion, etc. are also necessary, good water purification products need to buy convenient, but also promotion and publicity. Right and wrong, arguing in a different era of marketing.

   And now, the real need to address is to "sell" the proposition in common premise that has a good product, it is the core and key influence buying behavior. No "sell", but also talk about what you afraid of deep alley? As market competition intensifies, the marketing operating practices after another, the end result of excessive water purifier business concern means and methods of marketing, intentionally or unintentionally ignored, indifferent. " products, "the core dominance, cart before the horse.

   product features, product quality, product innovation, in theory, become a puppet of attention, virtually neglected in marketing. So that the water purifier brand building, the water purifier brand positioning and core demands, is separated from the product features and benefits given to consumers outside uncertain on the so-called tall water purifier brand spirit realm and faith , clean waterBrand marketers rely on nothing, unable to fall eventually on the market, without exception, be disregarded consumers. Because consumers looking for dedicated, always give them the benefit of the water purifier brand products.

   water purifier can not do without a strong product branding

   water purifier to join the branding advantage through the establishment of a water purifier, to stimulate and attract consumers to impulse buy products. Therefore, the water purifier brand building is the object of the process of marketing activities, product purchase is the goal and the result of marketing activities. Water purifier a brand must first be based on product depth understanding and analysis, also consider the industry status quo, market, consumers and competing products.

   in the water purifier brand building begins, we must first scientifically rigorous market research to understand the real needs of consumers, unmet needs and market competition. Meanwhile, for the resources and Features water purifier business, analyze what products will give consumers what kind of unique benefits, so look for products target consumer group, while, in fact, also for accurate water purifier brand positioning.

   Therefore, the earliest water purifier brand positioning product positioning target buyers, concerned about the target groups age, gender, income status, living habits and consumption patterns, etc., and focus on product features and benefits and whether demands the target consumer demand highly consistent, so as to establish a better market barriers for the water purifier brand and products.

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