You stole lazy in the water will redoublt y repafutu

  November this year can be described as brilliant, the US presidential election falling curtain in a heated debate, the two-eleven shopping spree started right again, now, many people must have received express it, at this point, is not feeling November drama on this end of it? NO! NO! NO! November wonderful continues. 浣犲湪楗按涓婂伔鐨勬噿 灏嗘潵浼氬姞鍊嶈浣犲伩杩? width=

   turn on the TV, Pa recent variety of screen "Daddy Where", "real man" and so on, the TV series "young and beautiful", "beauty is filling," and so attracted a large crowd, waiting in TV former machine. However, Xiaobian impressed by the Hong Kong Arts is "poor rich Wars" reality show, one of Hong Kong tycoons Mr Tien four families inside southern required programs experience a hourly wage of only 25 Hong Kong dollars life sanitation workers. Later, Mr Tien cleaners for two days in the life experience, the underlying fill of sad, in the phrase: "The society in a very severe punishment of people do not read!"

   remark Zhenhen , cruel!

   this is the feeling many of my friends reading education, but small series feeling of drinking water is a problem.

   to see a cleaner work environment, dirty and messy. Our water environment to what extent? Look around us, garbage, sewage, drainage ditch, is not a lot. In such a situation, we are not trying to protect our drinking water safety.



   Many people believe that tap water is qualified, there is no need to install a water purifier. Xiao Bian also admitted that tap water is safe at the factory, but the factory tap water flowing through the pipeline a few decades ago, the pipe rust, sediment, and so we are not household water will flow in, thereby affecting us drinking water health.

   Now, many people will emerge stones, carcinogenic due to water issues, how to protect our drinking water safety. Many experts recommend installing a water filter to protect the safety of drinking water end users. Many people disagree, then please look around you drinking environment before deciding whether to buy it? For decades after, you steal lazy in the water, so that you will redouble repaid.

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