Rampant cottage! An counterfeit Star water purifi was expose

  After a brand bigger and stronger, all kinds of cottage often imitate appears. Ann Star, the whole network sales in the first water purifier brand, its strong brand strength has also become the object of unscrupulous businessmen fake. Recently, Ann Star Quality Department found many fake security Star brand of water purifiers in the market. To protect the health of the people and the majority of consumer rights, water purifier brand security official Star remind you that at the time of purchase to keep their eyes open.

   counterfeit products must not be against big price concessions fascinated

   all know that the quality of water purification products directly affect the safety of water quality, but also with the users health and life are closely related. For a short time counterfeit products are often not able to earn higher profits scruples quality of products and raw materials, these raw materials are big again using secondary recovery from scrap market, by way of processing small workshop production, product quality and hygiene are difficult to trace , recovery of secondary raw materials through immature process, often carry large amounts of heavy metals on the body of harmful bacteria, viruses and lead and cadmium. Thus produced water purifier not only can play the role of water purification, but also often due to the production of quality products and raw materials can not meet health and industry standards, and cause secondary pollution to water during use, the use of such counterfeit the product will cause harm to humans immeasurable.

   Consumers of these counterfeit products to confuse the public, tend to use high imitation way to confuse consumers and entice consumers promotions cheap manner. Therefore, we refrain from momentary cheap temptation was fascinated at the time of purchase of the product, see the product, see the brand is critical.

   three strategies to keep you away from fake security Star water purifier

   The first one: recognize the appearance of the product

   appearance of the product is the most direct way to identify the authenticity of products high imitation goods even if imitation was true then, as long as careful observation can still find differences. Recognize Ann Star brand water purifier can look two ways. First, the Lynx Ann STAR official flagship store security STAR official flagship store sold Each water purifiers are taken in kind product, the product appearance and colors of the most direct show; second, Ann Star official website, the official website the products can view the brands all water purification products the appearance of the picture.

counterfeit products with the companys genuine comparison chart

   By comparing the authenticity of the product images, you can quicklyFind the difference from the product design, appearance, workmanship, genuine security Star water purifier, whether design or workmanship are more sophisticated and elegant.

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