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  Social point of view: saving and clean water is the only way to solve the shortage of water: Tim net water purification Views: 383 Published: 2018-5-18 17:16:01 Some scientists have predicted: "Water scarcity will soon become a profound social crisis "this is because the () a total amount of water is sufficient earth, freshwater resources are ample;. B due to the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide, water constantly reduced evaporation; C fresh water resources are not sufficient, and the uneven distribution; D water continues to be contaminated, freshwater resources are becoming less abundant. The answer is C, D why not choose it? This is now a very controversial topic, but both sides have supported the view of the data, but one thing is the same, that is, "water shortages will soon become a profound social crisis." Option C to the effect that only water resources accounting for the total body water on Earth is about 2.53%, and 70% are difficult to use solid ice, and the uneven distribution of fresh water, more water scarcity may refer to various water shortage; D is selected to the effect that environmental damage , contaminated water, drinking water safety is threatened. 鍑€姘? /> growing shortage of drinking water to produce a dangerous phenomenon: lack of water and immigrants. Global water shortage areas each year over 20 million population away from home. According to UN statistics, nearly 700 million people in 43 countries around the world often face

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