RO water purifier own expiences in the end the film is not a

   In water purification products increasingly more and more people of all ages, when water purifier in the end is how to operate? What are the inherent laws of home water purifier equipment is? The mystery has haunted peoples hearts for a long time. Still widely circulated thickness of the water purifier filter can achieve much microns, many consumers membrane filtration water purifier products is skeptical that today small series to explain their own experiences RO membrane water purifier is not a hoax !

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   we know RO membrane filtration accuracy of 0.1 nm purifier (i.e. 0.0001 [), can filter out bacteria in the water and heavy metal ions. So the question becomes, benzene molecule about 0.5nm, Ca + ions can kill almost 0.1-0.3nm. But I hand cheap Baidu, commissioned the molecular size is 0.324nm, the RO membrane filtration accuracy of 0.1nm, the filtered water is how it? Is it, to pierce the film? Well, this is not a hoax RO it? [123 ]

   reverse osmosis membrane material is what?

   the current mainstream reverse osmosis membrane is highly cross-linked wholly aromatic polyamide.

   a very long name, we began to expand the force to rip off Taylor ......

   Okay, PA (polyamide) You know that, right?

   do not know?

   nylon it?

   take Nigeria? do not know?

   and so on, Ive heard of nylon rope ... are you saying ...

   right, nylon is a kind of magical material, there are millions of species of derivatives.

   But diamonds are carbon and a substance, how can you not take a piece of carbon to marry it?

   In short, you want to know the RO of this material it is elastic, like, like ...... Well, you comprehend it. Briefly RO is an artificial semipermeable membrane having certain characteristics of the semipermeable membrane made of a biological simulation. Reverse osmosis retentate can be greater than 0.0001 microns, it is a membrane separation finest product.

   The core technology of the reverse osmosis membrane

鍑€姘村櫒 Reverse osmosis is a core technology "film" technology. Simply put, they are let unfiltered water, while resulting in filtered water from the membrane to the other side, it can be said that pure water, but with different pore sizes "film", creating a different result.

   Mechanical model based on reverse osmosis technology "by the concentration gradient of solvent to a dilute solution of concentrated solution-diffusion", penetration of water from the reverse osmosis is to make a concentrated solution to dilute solution, the first, two crossover phenomenon is, the third map is a reverse osmosis .

   The core technology currently on the market so-called principle of reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier, many businesses advertised 0.1 nanometers (0.0001 micrometers), depending on the film material making technique level, plus a variety of composite technology, substantially all kinds of things to filter the water, theoretically more than 98%, even 100%. That leaving only water molecules, pure, very pure, very pure.

   then the water molecule is how the past? Pierce the membrane?

   Of course not shifty power Yeah, the soul of light ~~

   but this increase in stock !! !! pump

   the water pressure booster pump purposes is increased to about 70psi. By high pressure, the water molecules move from one side to the other side of the membrane, is why the water molecules through the membrane pores 0.324nm of 0.1nm, precisely, is squeezed past.

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