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   In recent years, water purifier enterprise market competition, whether it is a leader in order to expand the terminal edge, or small and medium enterprises to survive, must be a variety of marketing activities in the market. In order to compete for market share, water purifier brand marketing campaigns grows exponentially, water purifier business means endless variety of marketing, stores every weekend there will be events, festivals and more every large-scale promotional activities. This persistent momentum stocks should be given praise indeed, but no matter how hard the water purifier business, how to plan, consumers just do not buy it, which in the end Why?




water purification enterprise promotions continue why consumers do not buy it? (Photo from Internet)

   rather than re-branding marketing

   domestic water purifier brand after years of sedimentation, although not say all of the water purifier brand quality can pass but those in the first echelon of the brand, the quality is the basic guaranteed. But when it comes to brand appeal, and sent thousands of miles. Some water purifier dealers for marketing activities to promote particularly interested in, but they are not keen for brand promotion, in their view, "water purifiers are consumer durable goods, personal consumption frequency is low, so the brand does not concern high, want to lock customers to rely on personal reputation. "this idea is a lot of dealers.

   Of course, in terms of water purifier manufacturers, many companies still focus on brand promotion, brand programs from the title, celebrity endorsements, sponsorship singer to tour and so on, it can be described as style all their own. This brand publicity, if sustained, could boost the formation of terminal sales to a certain extent, but would like to form a long-term effect, or sales breakthrough, really hard. Will consumers focus on a variety show understands the brand and remember the brand, but rarely because of this scene and the choice to buy this brand of products. No long-term accumulation and the formation of the corresponding brand "brand words," it is difficult for consumers to dig into their pockets.

   price mechanism illusory

   finished brand, then say the price. In a market economy, commodity marketing is a normal thing, even if water purifiers are consumer durable goods, there are also product inventory, product updates, or is it the case, through a variety of real or disguised price discounts, the product sold It is also normal, many foreign brands water purifierIt will be selected for this campaign at some point. But in the country, this type of marketing has clearly changed the taste - the price of unity in name only, the price mechanism illusory, plus year-round discount promotions, not only to potential consumers feeling foggy on the water purifier prices, the so-called business promotional activities are starting to become numb.

   Although the domestic water purifier business marketing methods have become more sophisticated, more and more tricks, but no matter what the theme of the discounts, no matter how hard crying, businesses, consumers just do not buy it. The reason, water purifier business to get consumers to really get close to your brand marketing campaign, the brand had to build the system and the price mechanism up and down real effort.

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