Poke heavy fog and haze teach you exactlyow to choosa water

鎷ㄥ紑閲嶉噸闆鹃溇 鏁欎綘鍑€姘村櫒绌剁珶鎬庝箞閫? width= for nearly two days, haze attacked Beijing again, comeback momentum led directly to the PM2.5 burst table, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory launched a red alert for the first time even the highest levels of heavy air pollution, serious pollution can be imagined, this fog haze has become the countrys common people "bothering."

In fact, like air pollution, water security problems so that we have been very suck. Sewage plant problems, cancer villages, water sources and other dead pigs are frequent in newspapers, in addition to aging water pipes bacteria, cottage bottled water in vogue, also allow people to keep track of. Now for a drink safe water, we all have started to pay attention from a water purifier, water purifier market brand but too complex, too many ads, or even 40% of the sampling failure ...... these problems like haze in the air, like, allow people to fathom, see, tremble with fear. So how do we get a peace of mind easy to use, reliable quality, the effect is significant water purifier it?

   First of all, be sure to buy contain nanofiltration or reverse osmosis membrane water machine (water purification device). We all know that our water environment is more complex, large-scale home drinking tap water, often smelly, invisible water may also contain heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chlorine and other harmful substances, the common market, microfiltration, ultra water purifier filter can not filter out these substances. The water quality of the need to use a reverse osmosis membrane or a nanofiltration membrane to filter out water purifier visible and invisible substances, drinking water to achieve a filtering effect.

   Next, the tub design without having to buy a certain water purifier. Water purifier equipped with storage tank, appears to facilitate the daily water needs of the user, not knowing that this storage tank is that bacteria paradise. By pure water after the water purifier filter it is very easy to breed bacteria, must be timely use, as long as more than 1 to 2 days, which will be filled with water metabolites of bacteria and microorganisms, is very detrimental to human health, without bucket designed water purifier to effectively prevent the occurrence of this problem, you can filter out any time fresh pure water, but also save space.

   Third, the wastewater must buy lower than the water purifier. Waste water is lower than what the concept is to save water. Water purifier is very high daily usage of electrical appliances, water-saving is very important, is best to use waste water ratio of 1: 1 water purifier, a considerable proportion of waste water and pure water, so as to effectively conserve water resources.

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