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   Following a conventional after simple filtration process, water treatment technology to become the new tip design focus of the industry, the traditional filtering process to reverse osmosis RO / UF UF filter material as the main core, in conjunction with the prefilter, the primary PP cotton, activated carbon , pressure drums and various types of electronic components: valves, pumps, touch panels, has been unable to meet the health needs of the people now, ignore the end of the drinking water treatment technology is the last barrier to affect the water quality of the water machine.

   to RO reverse osmosis water-based play models, what is the amount of the country lay fast, in just five years to more than 72.4% growth rate swept the country, anti-RO penetration water machine to become the current users preferred model; but drink "RO reverse osmosis water" out of the water really okay answer is clear?. Name suggests is pure high-purity water does not contain any impurities, some suspended in the air that was dissolved (TDS we usually test is generally about 10% -20%, mainly used TDS pen test the electrical conductivity of pure water 0 caused by water); According to Chinese clinical rehabilitation, volume 23 9 issue of the "pure water impact report on rats to mention the quality of food and water intake and heart organ index of magnesium, zinc and copper content" shows that keeping the observation period environment and keeping the same conditions, clean drinking water more than 6 months organ index of the heart and kidneys of female rats was significantly higher than tap water group, suggesting that long-term drinking water may have potential adverse effects on the heart and kidney function in rats ; so long-term consumption of such water is not only a huge loss of trace elements in the body, can lead to cardiovascular disease, fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, osteoporosis, healthy growth and development of children and the most damaging.


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   trace elements necessary for the body comprising: iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, molybdenum, cobalt, fluorine, iodine, strontium, nickel, rubidium, and each of these trace elements has its own special physiological functions, although these elements in the human body content is extremely small, but they are essential for the maintenance of a number of decisive form in the metabolism of the human body, once the lack of these must be the trace elements, the body will appear disease, serious or even life-threatening. Such as zinc deficiency can cause mouth, eyes, anus or vulva redness, pimples, temperature and rash; and if iron is one of the main component of hemoglobin, iron deficiency can cause iron deficiency anemia; According to foreign medical technology agency reported: body containing iron, copper, zinc reduction amount, canWeakened immune mechanisms (disease-fighting power), reduced resistance to disease, contributing to bacterial infections, and mortality rate of infection is higher. Trace elements in disease, cancer prevention, longevity and other still plays a significant role. Although most of the trace elements can be obtained through food, but the nutritional value of water in the human body is irreplaceable; the vast majority of trace elements in nature free state is present in the liquid, like on the iodine, land content of only about 1%, while the content of more than 90% of the sea.

   from water to water health security, Bell has always such a good idea of 鈥嬧€媍lean water, and with the long-term in Hubei University of Geosciences pure water for a long time in the development of mineralization technology, from the initial relatively large number of applications on the field of sea water, sea water directly to the project or to use lime additive in carbon dioxide condition filled with natural mineralization have not reached the standard of mineralization mineralization in use, the final years of experience in technology research to enhance the existing technical conditions the latest "technology + PCC ratio modification technology", developed the worlds first filter: "remineralization composite filter", the "re-mineralized complex filter" to solve the water purifier filter out of the water does not contain trace elements confusion, has been added to prevent ordinary composite materials consisting mainly of simple filtration process, the filter currently has a good first successfully applied to the Bell brand products.

   PCC modification techniques: mineral crystal structure, crystallographic studies on chemical, issued modified PCC mineral processing techniques advanced surface and interface engineering means of different minerals positive modifiers, mineral promotion ratio ion exchange adsorption capacity and surface area, increasing the mineral lattice defects and surface corrosion points.

   Technical ratio: antagonism synergistic dissolving minerals trace elements based on the spectral ratio technique, 18 kinds of minerals, 57 modification process, stable controlled release of trace elements spectrum.

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