Patio all -core- upgrade water purifier to enhance all-round

   Chinese water pollution incidents broke out frequently, coupled with the impact of consumption upgrade, hot water purifier market quickly, water purification products have started from "non-demand" to "just be" change. In the water purifier appliances become a necessity at the same time, due to the water purification literacy is not in place, consumers face an array of water purification products, could not help but produce a lot of questions: What metrics buy water purifiers to see what kind of water purifier filter points? ? how long filter life? require frequent replacement do? Next, we have to answer these questions for consumers.

   to buy water purifiers, the key to the "core information"

   filter water purifier is the most important part, in order to drink water, health and safety, the most important of which is selected stars "heart." At present, there are mainly PP filters, activated carbon, ceramic filters, ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membrane types of filters, each filter due to differences in technology and materials used, the filter effect will be some gaps.

   for different types of cartridges their own characteristics, Chinese water treatment technology leader - Patio advocate, will apply to each of several different scenarios of water purification filter into the different aspects of the water purifier filter, a to reduce costs for consumers reduce spending to replace the filter, and secondly, you can extend the life of the filter core for easy maintenance of the water purifier consumer.

   Patio research personnel, more common PP filter, activated carbon, ceramic filter filtration accuracy between 0.1 and 30 microns, suitable for filtering large particles of impurities in the water sediment, rust, etc., for pre- filter.

   membrane technology is known as "one of the six high-tech 21st Century", filtration accuracy between 0.01-0.1 micron, to filter out the rust in water, sediment, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria , viruses, organic molecules and other harmful substances, and can keep some mineral elements beneficial to humans. This filter can be used as ultrafiltration, pure water can be used as the middle part of the filter.

   a reverse osmosis membrane used in reverse osmosis is the most advanced technology, the fine pore size of 0.0001 microns, at a certain pressure, only water molecules can pass the reverse osmosis membrane, the raw water and an inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities due to its diameter larger than 0.02 micron, can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane filtration through purer water, pure water used in the coreFiltering stage.

   It is reported that five filters have been employed Patio even seven filtration products in a variety of water purification, purification outstanding results. For example, QR-RU-05A Patio machine water filter on the use of PP, carbon rod filter, membrane filter, a reverse osmosis membrane filter and five post carbon filter filtration, which can effectively Removal of visible objects, large intestine bacteria and other impurities, to reduce total dissolved solids, water turbidity, color, and the total number of colonies of arsenic, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent) and lead content, quintet filtered, restore healthy water.

   all "core" upgrade the effect of enhancing all-round

   to buy water purification products, purification filter effect is most important "to identify indicators." In addition, there are some aspects can not be ignored. Ignore the product, excluding external, internal filter design is critical, rational, advanced filter design experience related to the water purifier.

   According to insiders Patio, Patio water purifier on the "inherent design" hard under a lot of hard work. Take Patio QJ-UF-05E ultrafiltration unit, in addition to five filtration, additional membrane shell using a large modular filter, filter seal from contamination.

   In addition, the model also designed liquid crystal display section prompts filter life, the use of the cartridge at a glance. When a filter service life, it corresponds hour bar will be off for the user to grasp the filter usage, the timely replacement of filters provides a great convenience.



   It is worth mentioning that, Patio Many products with "dual double membrane water" design, in which "living water" by the three filters can remove impurities in the water, I chlorine, the water rate will be faster accordingly, can be used for vegetables, cooking; and "drinking" is filtered through a five completely remove color, impurities, water is safe to drink. It is reported that a "double double membrane water" design of water purification products not only facilitate the users life, and help reduce the filter loss, extend filter life, at another way, for users to reduce the cost of replacing the cartridge.

   filter water purification product development is a top priority, excellent cleaning effect, more intimate design, Patio in the filter can be described to be the extreme. Long-term commitment to water treatment technology, product development, Patio scientific research strength has been among the forefront of the industry. With powerful "core" Kung Fu, he has been at the PatioMoment engraved guard every user health and safety of drinking water.

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