To create product differentiation to ce a wr purifiero selli

   any of the products you want to realize its value, the first and most important thing is to meet consumer demand, which can form different products, different from the other companys products, in order to spread the product, sales, brand shape with extraordinary sensation.




to create product differentiation to create a water purifier core selling point (Photo from Internet)

   humanistic selling point

   is now a creative era as long as giving some new products new concept of culture, its added value will be able to be greatly improved. As we all know, speaking of pollution-free vegetables to sell, sell fruit to speak of beauty, to sell the house to speak with celebrities live, sell mobile phones speak identity, sell milk say genius, and so forth. Development outside the commodity almost become a new fashion, a new trend. Business selling water purifiers culture of mining, also can play a good effect, lead to consumer imagination, so that consumers impulse buy.

   psychological selling point

   consumers buy water purifier if they can meet their own psychological expectations, will not hesitate a single. With Chinas rapid economic development, a growing middle class of this group, these people literate, also standing in the community, the economy is relatively strong, consumer goods grade natural demanding. Some classical style, European style, rustic and other water purifiers, in terms of price, the brand is, the style can reflect a kind of luxury, elegance and a sense of accomplishment. These water purifiers positive appeals to middle-class tastes of these people, and they are fond of.

   In another example, some high-immigration cities, consumers often do not intend to stay long in this life, they asked for water purifiers is practical, and the price is low demand, such people tend to be middle and low plate water purifier is very popular, not only fashion, nor precious. For different groups, we should emphasize the characteristics of different products to meet their psychological demands, of course, this emphasis should be realistic.

   celebrity selling point

   Many water filter companies have requested a number of social celebrity endorsement advertising, it can also become a major selling point. Famous fans will naturally produce celebrity. "Celebrities like this water purifier, should be good, I believe it," many consumers have this mentality. Similarly, if at the time of purchase which celebrity can catch this water purifierShot down, hanging on the wall can also play the effect of advertising to drive sales of water purifiers.

   can be said that any one of the water purifier, there are always a selling point, more or less, large or small, the key is how to tap these selling points Purchasing Guide and these vary marketing selling point, mining is premise, marketing is the means, the two complement each other, so that the business can really explode.

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