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   water purifier can water the flowers it? A lot of people have some questions. Xiao Bian think this is some waste, with its waste water on it.




popular to install water purifier home encounter this problem: After water purifier filter water after watering it 2020-06-04, we small series? to give us a presentation.


As we all know, home water purifier capable of removing most of the water bacteria and impurities, the pure water can be removed all impurities in the water. In our daily life, use a water filter can improve the quality of drinking water, improve the physical health index. Some friends after the installation of water purifiers, water purification water purifier after watering house plants and flowers, perhaps we all think the same clean water to water the flowers is more conducive to the growth of flowers. Is that true of you?


we can do a little comparison test, ready two potted plant, pot watered with ordinary tap water, a pot with water filter through purified water irrigation, two weeks we come to observe the growth of flowers, use tap water watering flowers leafy greens, and using purified water watering flowers not only did not grow, but there wilt symptoms of malnutrition.


We can see from this small experiment, using purified water to water the flowers not only fail to help grow flowers, but played side effects. The main reason is water plants and human needs are not the same, human beings need a clean drinking water, and plants will need full of all kinds of minerals, natural water impurities, so as to replenish minerals necessary for plant growth, and purified water contained minerals is very small, basically no clean water.


Plants absorb moisture while still attracting a lot of mineral nutrients, if the plant to purify irrigation water, just like the same person for a drink, do not give him to eat, he says he can sustain how many days? ordinary people will be about 30 days now. 30 days is a way of accommodating disease. Friends in the countryside know, require regular fertilization to grow vegetables at home, if only for irrigation water, eat the meal that is a distant dream.


In many related articles we can see, the use of wastewater generated by household water purifiers is very suitable for watering plants and plant growing, because a large amount of waste water full of impurities and minerals. On plant growth it is helpful. So that is able to keep a good flower, but also rational useWastewater. Never again bother holding a water purification plant to irrigate Oh, that is a waste of water and electricity, also made a thankless thing.


through these presentations, I believe you know the water purifier knowledge can water the flowers of the bar. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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