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  Tian Net Analysis: Market Analysis of water purifier: Tim net water purification Views: 1185 Published: 2013-12-13 17:26:02 With the domestic water pollution incidents continue to frequent water pollution incidents to the people drinking water caused great security threat. With the peoples health awareness to enhance the safety of drinking water gradually peoples attention, but this time, to meet the requirements of water purification equipment, water purification will cater to the needs of the market, to meet the demand for water quality. First of all, for developed countries, stronger than the drinking water safety awareness, while the popularity of the case from the water purifier, the coverage of the Middle East reached 90%, water purifier market share in Europe and other countries are also up 75%, from the point of view of development time, also spent three decades of time. Secondly, at present, Chinas water purifier market penetration rate of 3%, from the area of 鈥嬧€媡he water purifier penetration rate of Chinas point of view, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai water purification products use about 15%, shows that net water heater market development in China is in the initial stage, the current development trend, expected in the future market space, water purifier market potential will exceed billions. Third, the core material is a water purifier reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane materials, which belong to the water treatment plant of high-end equipment, but also the long-term possession of the domestic film market, foreign brands, American Tim net water purifier is cited well-known foreign film material, as the product itself bring stiffer quality requirements. Fourth, due to the different regions, consumers in the choice of the water purifier is also different. In contrast, some areas in the south on the relative water quality is better in terms of north, using ordinary household water machine will be able to achieve the desired effect; and the quality of some of the northern areas more rigid, more suitable for reverse osmosis water purifier , increase the taste of water.

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